Thursday, 22 June 2017

Hip, Hip, Really Hurts

My right hip had been feeling tighter than usual so I scheduled a massage. The last time it felt like this the massage really helped it.

This time it was a different experience. I had one of the worst knots the massage therapist had ever seen. She worked really hard to try and get it all out but couldn't. While she was working on it, it was some of the worst pain I had felt in my whole life. I thought I was going to scream or pass out, it was that bad.

The next day, which was a gym day of course, the pain was still about an 8/10. I think F'in Alex was a bit frustrated at the end because he had to modify everything. By the end of the day it was feeling better.

It was doing ok, still a little stiff, until I had this great idea to go on an aerial course. I think the time I fell was the time I sort of hurt it again. I am hoping with stretching and some rest it will be better.  I think I will get another massage sooner rather than later.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Aerial Adventure

To celebrate my birthday this year I decided I wanted to do something 'crazy' and  I selected zip lining. We live 15 minutes and almost every day drive by  Lafleche Aerial Park and Zipline Courses, so there was no excuse not to go.

Ready to go!

Sam signed us up for a 3 hour tour. It included a whole bunch of crazy obstacles, like the pictures I have borrowed from the internet, and some cool zip lining.

This is the last obstacle of the course and felt endless

You are clipped on anytime you are off the ground and you slowly make your way across obstacles and zip lines in a group.

Yesterday was pretty hot. There was also a risk of thunderstorms and rain, but the park runs courses unless someone on the course sees lightning. About 1/2 way in the thunder and rain hit. And by rain I mean it downpour. Every inch of us was soaked and we were called down for about 10 minutes due to lightning before we were given the all clear to return to the sky. At this point Sam, along with 4 others decided to be done for the day. I continued on.

I never felt really scared. I did slip once in the storm but caught myself and I have a pretty nice slip and fall on a very slippery log (not as epic as one of the women in the group who slipped in about the same place and fell off the obstacle and needed a lot of help to get up. When I saw her at the end her arm was already totally bruised).

It was physically very tough and I don't know that if I hadn't been training for 36 weeks if I could have done it. I did rock walls (made extra hard because you have to let go with one hand to move your carabiner), and spider's nets and used muscles I don't usually use except at the gym. I felt strong and I am sure tomorrow (or if you are reading this on the day it goes live Monday) I am going to be sore, but what is new:)

I loved zip lining. They have a zip lining only course I want to go back to! I didn't think I would love that, but I did.

10 people started with our group and 3 finished. I was the first of the group to finish. It was a nice way to end 41 and prepare for 42 (which is the answer to life, the universe and everything - Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Planning Travel

There is some research to suggest that it is the planning of a trip that brings as much joy as the trip itself. This is not the case for me. I do not enjoy planning the details of trips. It is not my thing. Sam generally does this for us and I think he enjoys it.

I dislike the process so much, that I actually procrastinated it. I am not a person who usually procrastinates. But I realized our trip to Oregon to see our blog friends (which I am truly very excited about) was coming soon and I better get on it!

I had already spend like 3 hours figuring out where to stay when meeting up with our friends. I went with my first Air B and B. We had also used our points on our credit card to purchases our flights. This past weekend,  I had to rent the car (which required a lot of shopping around as prices had gone up) and get a hotel in Portland for our first night and one by the airport for the last night as we have an early morning flight out. I am happy to say it is all done now. Maybe now I can just enjoy the waiting for the trip!

From our cruise January 2016 - the Carribean

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


The last 9 months or so has become a test of both my physical and mental strength. To celebrate all I have achieved and to fulfill a dream I got this:

I have wanted a tattoo on my wrist for a very long time and have gone back and forth on the design. I wanted simple (in part because I know how much it hurts and in part because that is who I am) and meaningful.  When I embarked on the physical strength portion of this journey I came across the Japanese kanji for strength. I loved the shape of this kanji and loved that it was Japanese. I lived in Tokyo for 3 of the most amazing months of my life, so Japan will always have a special place in my heart. This image has been on my water bottle since day 1 in the gym, a reminder of my goal. Now, thanks to my BFF who went with me to get this (and gave me the deposit for my upcoming birthday) and get her own first tattoo (and we had a weird and wonderful amazing night) here it is. I am in complete love with it.

While it was touch and go for my BFF she got through it and got her spirit animal:

Picture taken right after hers was done

To celebrate we drank some of these:

I don't think it is an accident an ass was the topper of my drink:)

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Snicker Saturday

It is so true. Next time you pick up something with a label, look, it probably has soy! 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Working Out Without A Trainer

We have now completed 3/5 workouts we are doing while F'in Alex is on vacation. We had a week between sessions with my unexpected stay at my parents. But never fear, I had my yoga mat with me so I was able to do some of that while there.

[FYI: If you are interested in yoga I rotate between using the site and the YouTube channel].

So working out at home without our coach/trainer (who was sweet enough to text me earlier this week to check in on us):

Sam says he likes the time slot at the gym, 8:15 better than the slot at home which weekdays is 6 am. I actually prefer the early time slot. I walk the dogs as my warm up and then get the workout done. In fairness to Sam, he usually only gets up at 6:30, while I often get up at 5 or so. I think he finds the rest about the same. He seems to want to die about the same:)

I like the time slot.I like having my own music and not having to listen to the crappy dance music the gym plays (and not having those horrible songs stuck in my head all day). I like having complete control over what I am doing (the order, the exercises). I like the flexibility of the schedule - my goal is 2 days and if life happens I can more easily move a day. I like not having strangers around (our gym is downtown Gatineau which is a little seedy at times).  I like not having to wait for a change room. I like not having to make sure I have shaved before going to the gym. I like not having to pack all the extra stuff. I like not having to pay to park.

I would say I like training at home better than going to the gym. I think the adjustment back to the gym for the last 13 sessions will be hard. To be honest I would just rather train at home. But I have a contract and be damned if I am going to pay all that money and not go. Besides I may still learn something and I have a collection of random questions to ask F'in Alex (I have a list so I won't forget).

I am grateful that we had these 2.5 weeks to try training alone. It has shown me that it is doable.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Muddling Along

If I made a list of everyone in the world I know and ranked them in order of who I would want to take care of 'sick' people, I would put my dogs higher on it then me. I am not a natural caregiver. The hand holding and being patient isn't my strength. I am the person you call if you want to get shit done. I am a doer, not a carer. So having the opportunity to take care of my parents for a few days has been a challenge.

I have broken my days into the things I need to do which include: making sure everyone has their meds, making sure everyone is fed, making sure everyone has drinks, walking the dog, and doing light housework. I have made this about doing and more than caring.

The biggest challenge is the feeding people. I am not a cook. The first night was the scariest - Mom had lamb chops out to cook, so that is what I needed to cook.  Dad showed me how to turn on the BBQ and Sam nearly died laughing walking me through the cooking of them via FaceTime. I also baked sweet potatoes, asparagus and peas.

My parents had low expectations for this meal (summed up by the following: my mom asking if I knew to lower the rack in the oven before cooking the potatoes, and Sam asking "what were they thinking?"  and "can you order a pizza instead?"). In the end dinner looked like this:

It came out better than expected. More than edible! 

Night two, I decided to play to my strengths and make a pasta dish my parents love. It turned out ok too. 

My dad also wanted ice cream so I made him a banana split. He says it isn't a real banana split because we didn't have maraschino cherries and I had to use a real cherry.

Night 3 - first roasted chicken dinner. The chicken wasn't totally cooked at the bone even though I followed my mom and the internets instructions. But enough was safe for dinner and then I cooked it more for leftovers. 

In the end, I kept my parents alive and at least didn't make things worse:)