Tuesday, 18 April 2017

High To Low But Killing It

On Thursday I had the pleasure (note the attempt to associate positive words with training) of ending my workout with high plank to low plank, aka kind of fake push ups. Sam was exempt from this torture opportunity because of his back. I believe he did some other plank, but I can't say because I was busy.  F'in Alex said I was doing 40 and he was there all day, so he had time. I said something like I had a hair appointment so we would just be getting this done.

Borrowed from the internet - what this looks like

This was a moment where being stubborn and determined was helpful. I knew I was going to do the 40 or get to a point where F'in Alex would take pity on me (realizing it was actually too hard and I was trying my best) and tell me to stop.

At one point we had a conversation that went like this:

FA: "How many is that?"
K10: "12"
FA: "You still have a long way to go."
K10: Pause and a look over at FA "F**k off Alex."
Laughter from F'in Alex and Sam. It has been a number of weeks since I have told F'in Alex off. I have been trying to swear at him less. I still swear, but not directly at him, but this time he totally deserved it!

The last ones were not pretty, but I completed my 40 high to low plank in a fairly reasonable time. It is not an exercise I love (cause there are only like 3 of those, but for another post), but it isn't blacklist material either. There is something about the body weight exercises that are more motivating for me. I want to see I can do them, even though I know how sore my abs are going to be after! (As I prep this post I am sure that at some point F'in Alex kicked me in the ribs!)

Friday, 14 April 2017

The Traps That Save

Recently I started having really bad headaches on some training days. Then, a couple weeks ago I started having pain that radiated into my neck and caused vertigo and blinding headaches. The first time the vertigo happened I didn't think much  of it, I thought maybe virus, hormones etc. But the second time I realized it must be training. I emailed F'in Alex and said, I think we have a problem.

We took it easy on Tuesday, but by the end, I think just because it was already bothered, I had some neck pain. By Thursday, the neck pain was gone, but I had pain in my traps. After poking it and kind of aggravating it, F'in Alex came to the same conclusion I did - Blacklist item one, the Lat Pull Down is aggravating my traps which is causing the pain. I think this aggravated my trap on the right because of my scoliosis. As a general rule for safety, I can't do weights over my head because of it and the lat pull down is sort of like weights over my head.

I told F'in Alex I was going to try and pretend I was disappointed that I couldn't use that machine. I always said when I used it, it didn't feel good and not in the way other things I don't like feel with the "good pain" (someday someone will convince me that good pain exists, I haven't bought into that yet but I do feel the difference between injury and 'good pain;). Now F'in Alex is on a quest to find other exercises that work the same muscles but don't cause this issue. I am sure the black list will grow:)

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Pants Problem

This being fit has caused no end of pants problems. (I know, cry me a river). First, I needed all new pants not once, but twice. Ok, the second time I didn't need all new pants, a couple of the size 6 still fit, but most did not. Fortunately it was my very favourite pairs that still fit.

Then there have been several problems with finding appropriate size 4 pants.

First, I am abut 5'7 - I have a 32 inch inseam. Many styles of size 4 don't come in this longer inseam. I guess it is usually petite ladies who fit size 4. This is made worse by the fact that apparently short pants are in. I personally think they are completely impractical for a Canadian gal where there are so few days you can get away with showing your ankles without getting frostbite. Also this style of pants is going to cause the need for new shoes and I really dislike shoes in general . . . .

My other issue with them is that the colours I want (grey and brown) are apparently not in this season, so I am having to do without them. Perhaps in the fall I will have better luck.

I wonder what problems I am going to have with size 4 shorts, I haven't even started that search yet and eventually the snow will melt and I will need to!

Thursday, 6 April 2017


I had my suspicions for some time that F'in Alex was easier on Sam than he is on me. Finally, last week I called him on it. At first he tried to deny it, but I think he realized he was dealing with a behaviour analyst who had been analyzing his behaviour for some time (we actually discussed that later in the week, when I refused to do a final rep because he was being a jerk, and as he pointed out, I needed to remind him who was in charge). When I wouldn't let him BS me, he admitted he is nicer to Sam because Sam has all kinds of injuries and he doesn't want to hurt him (I didn't point out it was kind of too late because he had already done that) and he wants him to keep coming back. 

We can choses to believe him or we can go with the following opinions:
-brother-in-law - in our text discussion he sent #boysclub
-friends/coworkers - he is tougher on me because he knows I can handle it or perhaps likes me telling him off.
-Sam - maybe if I was nicer, he would be nicer.

When I saw the above quote, I thought - that is perfect for this situation. F'in Alex may think I am complaining/whining/bitching etc. etc. If he only knew half of what I was thinking he would probably faint!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Blacklist

Besides being a series I have been watching on Netflix (and enjoying), the blacklist is what F'in Alex calls the exercises I hate. Here are the top 4 things on my blacklist.

4. Push ups - yep, my least favourite exercise has moved up in the world.

3. Leg machines - I really dislike most of the machines (except rowing, I don't mind those) - but I hate the leg machines. There are 2 we use. I don't know what they are called and I always break them (I am touching the wrong thing when I move the weights), so I am not allowed to adjust them. F'in Alex yells when you break things at the gym.

Borrowed from the internet 

2. TRX band - I have no need to train like a Navy Seal Commando thank you very much. I don't care if paratroopers use these things, I have already gone skydiving and don't need to train to go again.

There is a special place in hell for the designer of this . . . . . I am sure he is a nice guy, but I won't be buying him a beer anytime soon. 

1. The Lat pull down - I had to Google what it was called. I had no idea, I was pretty sure it wasn't called that F**king machine I really, really, really hate.

The only good thing about the blacklist, is that most of the exercises are ones I can easily avoid once I move my training home because I am not buying all those torture devices!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Excuse Me - You Called Me What?

Last week we only trained with F'in Alex once, as Sam had a work commitment. To make up for this, I created a home session, which I did Friday morning, well before Sam rolled out of bed. On Sunday, Sam suggested we workout together. I presented him my home session (given we haven't got around to getting everything we need for the gym yet, we are limited to what I can do). Other than saying he wasn't going to plank for 1.5 minutes, he said it was good.

We went through the home session. When it was over, we had conversations such as:

Me: "Can you make sure there is enough water for me?" (as Sam was filling up the kettle)
Sam: "No, because you make me do bad things."

Me: "When I want to die during a workout now, I think about how I want to keep my lovely abs."
Sam: "When I think I want to die, I think about how I can take you with me for making me do horrible things."

Later, as he was climbing the stairs, no word of a lie he said "F'in K-10".  Sam swore more at me than he does at Alex.  I guess I designed a pretty good workout!