Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Bonus Post - Your Questions Answered

I thought it would be easiest to address people's questions in one post.

First, I have learned if my career every fails, I can always do laundry. I love the whole process of it, the washing, folding and putting away. I generally do laundry 2 times a week, on my work at home day (most weeks I have one) and on the weekend.

Giving up food:

-It is hard. So many of the foods on the no list are parts of things I love, processed things. But I think we can all agree many processed foods really aren't that good for you and eating none/less is a good thing.

-I woke up day 4 with no gut pain. It happened so quickly, it made it easier.  I dropped an inch around my waist too.

-I had a daily chocolate habit for about well, my whole life and I had thought that would be the hardest, but after the first 3 weeks, it got easier.  I do clearly have triggers of times and places where I want it, but I say no! I gave up chocolate about 4 weeks before I started the diet. My nutritionist said if I find dark coco I can have a little of that. I think cutting out most sugar, except for 2 fruit a day helps. I have fewer sugar cravings. Fresh maple syrup has never tasted so sweet!

-Was I getting enough fibre before in my diet? Maybe not, although I have always eaten my vegetables and fruit. However, this was something more than just fibre. Increasing it alone did not help. Now 99% of what I eat is fibre lol!

My mom sent this as it reminded her of me.
Wine is something I miss the most!
-If you think you have a food issue, I would suggest talking to some sort of professional about it. It is hard, but may be worthwhile.

-The secret to success if being prepared. Knowing what you are going to eat, having the food in the cupboard etc. Sauces are one of the hardest things, so figuring out an alternative in advance is key.

-Having a husband who adores cooking and sees all of this as a challenge, is also a key to my success:)

-Self-control. I am blessed on two fronts with this. First, I have spent the last 13 or so years in the behaviour change business. I can apply the principles to my life. Secondly, I am stubborn determined. When I make up my mind about something, I just do it!  I plan on only doing this diet once in my life, so let's do it right!

Wait until you read about the exercise that goes with this diet. It is a miracle with the diet, exercise, and work, that I get anything done!


  1. I'm still in shock at the giving up chocolate bit (as I sit here scoffing a piece of millionaires shortbread - diet what diet?)
    Very impressed with your determination though and having No gut pain after just 4 days, thats a real bonus, WELL DONE

  2. Thanks for the great answers, you are doing a great job and it's working!

  3. Wow, that is still a very tough thing to do. I am very weak in the will power department. I didn't used to be that way but something happened. Maybe your progress will inspire me! Best of luck to sorting it all out!