Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Exercise and a Potato

First, let me say, I have never been a person who has enjoyed exercise. I wasn't into team sports, I was always picked last in gym class, I was never asked to play on the school yard (I wouldn't have picked me),  in fact I am so uncoordinated and inflexible  I could never do a somersault or touch my toes.

As a kid, this wasn't a problem. I walked to school, I biked with friends etc. As an adult, this became more of a problem as life required me to sit more. As an adult I tried:
-archery (was terrible, they politely asked me to not come back)
-Racquet ball - I didn't hate this
-Zumba - I am a terrible dance but loved the instructor and seeing my sister
-Boxing - I loved it, but the classes were designed for athletes, so they weren't that encouraging for me
-Yoga - Completely terrible, but it always made me feel good
-Golf - am going to try and get into this if spring ever comes!

Now my daily exercise currently looks like this:
-30 minute walk in the morning with the dogs (this has been the norm since we got Hailey)
-10 minute walk (at least) as often as possible after lunch and dinner (it aids in digestion, but I don't need to go out in terrible weather which has been a lot lately)
-30 minutes of yoga at night (I can't put it into my morning and get 8 hours sleep).  I am still terrible at it, but at least in the comfort of my own home, no one needs to see me not be able to touch my toes! I am loving the webiste https://www.doyogawithme.com.

I am also suppose to mediate in the morning (hasn't officially
happened yet but I do sort of meditate while walking). I need to do deep breathing before eating and I am not allowed to be on the computer, watching TV, etc. while eating. (I have not been 100% at this, but I am trying, even though it takes away at least 30 minutes of my blog time a day and I resent that).

The Potato:

This is the first food I got to introduce. If you asked me what my favourite food (besides chocolate
was), I would say the potato. I love fries, chips, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato salad . . . I think the only type of potato I don't love is scalloped.

As I have to eat increasing amounts of potato over 4 days, my husband made me mashed potatoes, using chicken stock and a spread that meets the diet.

Day one:  2-3 bites. Ok I made it like a hundred bites and enjoyed every second.
Day two: See picture. So, so good.

Woke up this morning feeling like there was a lump in my gut. I am hoping this will pass. If not, maybe potato has to go. We will see.


  1. I love the Archery comment..was asked not to come back...by the instructor with an arrow stuck out of his butt?
    There was a programme on TV over here (about how to stay young) that said dance was the best form of exercise you could do as it exercises your muscles and brain (remembering the steps) so grab your sister and go tread on the instructors toes!
    Hope the potato isn't a problem...they are so versatile!

  2. I do enjoy a good baked potato! I'm not an athletic type either. I was the same as you in my youth. Unlike you I have tried golf. It was very discouraging. I rarely got to ride in the cart since I could only hit it about 10 feet. Finally I started assisting by throwing it and teeing up in the rough (or anywhere else). I warned people that I played by my rules, rules often called cheating. Haven't touched those clubs in ages. It's weird that I started running and it was a hit (after the first painful months). I don't consider it exercise, I consider it more of a meditation involving movement. Good luck on your quest. Keep trying until you discover your thing!


  3. Also not the athletic type (also the last chosen, etc). I do love yoga though, along with hiking. I give you tons of credit for trying Golf, I see myself hiking aroud the course, without actually hitting the ball :-).

    Good luck with the potato introduction!