Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Experiment Two - Corn

After a failed attempt to bring food one, the beloved potato (I am not ready to think of a life without baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fries and latkes yet), I was nervous going into test two, corn.

I was nervous, not just because test one was a failure, but because historically corn in the form pictured above, has not been my BFF. It has caused problems.

Day 1 - I ate that little bit of corn pictured above, chewing it really, really well. No issues
Day 2 - I ate corn in the form I really want it - corn starch in my baking powder and 4 corn chips. No issues.
Day 3 - Back to the real corn. Had it on my taco inspired salad.

The results (knock on wood) are no difference in my gut. I will try my fourth test tonight. If it goes well, corn will be back in!

The next food experiment will be citrus or tomato.


  1. Good thing the corn tested ok. (Don't you like corn chips or something?) Corn can easily cause trouble for anyone so that was a good thing! Carry on and solve the mystery!


  2. Great news!! Hope test four goes just as well!

  3. I love corn in any form, but if I overdo it, my stomach does a bit of a revolt:) I hope you can get that corn added in - almost time for that delicious summer corn on the cob.