Sunday, 24 April 2016

There Is No Good Natural Deodorant and Other Liver Facts

This week my nutritionist and I went over things that help improve liver function. As my body has been reacting a lot of things like threats, it could use a little extra help with the detox.

Here are the non-food tips she shared:
My current deodorant
  • Minimize household chemicals - We have already switched to almost all natural cleaning products. (If you want to save money, vinegar and water and steam are you best bet. I happen to purchase natural cleaning products as I think it is easiest for my cleaner).
  • Use natural, chemical free personal products - I had embraced this when I worked with my natural path 4 years ago. I have all natural lotions, shampoo, shaving cream, makeup. I got a cavity after using a natural toothpaste so switched back. I do continue to colour my hair and am not ready to give this up as I am not ready to be 100% grey. The only daily chemical I have not been able to replace is deodorant. I have tried a lot of different natural ones and none worked. I asked my nutritionist if she had a brand to recommend and she said "no" - she has not found a natural deodorant that is effective either. She even went so far as to say some make things worse! She said I could keep my deodorant for now but reduce how much I use (1 swipe is likely enough).
My $5 brush
  • Exfoliate - I am suppose to get a dry brush and before a shower slowly exfoliate my skin, starting at my limbs and working towards my centre. I admit, this seems a little "hippy-dippy" to me but I will try it. I did have a great chuckle because on the cruise, a massage therapist tried to sell my husband a very fancy brush for $80 for this purpose. (My nutritionist laughed at this and said I should be able to find one for under $4). 
  • Jumping Exercises - I am suppose to jump on a trampoline, do jumping jacks or burpees. I think I will stick to exfoliating!
  • Lymphatic massage: This is a massage given between the muscles and requires extra training. I hate a regular massage so am unlike to try this.
  • Yoga - check!
  • Walking - check!
  • Magnesium in a bath - check!  Need to add baking soda to prevent the reabsorption of the toxins. 

My question to others - has anyone found a natural deodorant that works? I am willing to try again!


  1. I'm totally with you on those jumping exercises...ugh!!

  2. I'm afraid I am only natural in the hair department. Maybe google it?