Sunday, 17 April 2016

Thoughts on Minimalism

The dog shelf in our bedroom
As I have mentioned, the Podcast is my savour during my long commute. I feel like I am using my time wisely. One of my favourites is The Slow Home. (You can learn more about it HERE.) This week Brooke McAlary interviewed one of the minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn. While I have heard him speak, and read some of his work before (as well as other minimalists work), I haven't really sat down and processed/thought about what is means for me. I spend some time doing that this week. This is what I have come up with.

1. I will never be a real minimalist. I like stuff. I like to look around and see reminders of trips, or special people.

Puppets from Jakarta
2. I do think I have things I am never going to use/need and I am slowly working to give those things away. The process has been going on for about a year. To date I believe I have removed at least 15 garbage bags worth of stuff (most went to be donated). I keep a box in a closet that I add to and things come up.

3. I am being much more mindful of what I am consuming. I am working really hard to only purchase needs and to bring home things that somehow add value to my life.

4. I like my stuff, but I don't like clutter and I want everything to have a place.

Misc. Things

5. By spending less of stuff, I will have more time and resources for what I really want to do, travel. (Although leaving the dogs gives me guilt because the other thing I want to do is to spend time with them).

6. I know I put too much sentimental value into items and keep things that don't bring me joy/useful. I am slowly working to let those things go.

7. I would rather have quality items over quantity items.

8. Many of the things I would like to let go aren't mine. When you share a home with someone, you must compromise on the stuff front.

Items we collected and gifts from Asia

What is your relationship to your "stuff"?


  1. That last sentence on #8 is so true! I did an "Item-a-Day-Reduction-Plan last winter. Each day I got rid of 1 thing. Usually it was more than 1 thing and it did make it easier to part with stuff. I would like to get rid of more stuff but #8 is not at the same level. However, there is still a lot of stuff I need to part with! It brings me joy and reduces stress.


  2. I am dealing with #6 right now, it's hard to let go of some items, but I have begun taking photos of certain things (ticket stubs, etc) and then tossing them.

    Great post on a subject a lot of us are dealing with!

  3. I had the 3500 square foot custom home, which I lived in as a single person. All I did was spend money on it or clean in. I downsized into a smaller home with a mother in law set up when Dad said he wanted to live with me when my Stepmom was diagnosed with cancer. When she went into remission I sold it, it being too big as well and got a condo. So I went from 3500 square feet to about 1800. I got rid of a TON of stuff, keeping things of sentimental value of my Mom's. When I sold that to move in with my new husband, more was given away, as he had his own stuff as well. I have two sets of shelves. One with my Mom's things, and one with my late brothers. That's all I need.