Sunday, 15 May 2016

Adventure: Cinderella Finally Finds Her Shoes

The shoe saga continued . . . . . . . . . .

I went to a store that carried Merrells before work one day to try the shoes on. They did not carry the style I wanted. I then decided to go to the Merrell website and just order the exact same shoe I have worn forever. They did not have my size in black. They had my size in a light brown, which would have looked nice for about 30 seconds. Feeling defeated, I wondered how many shoe stores I would have to visit to find this elusive shoe. It felt like I was wasting so much life energy on something that shouldn't be so hard.

For whatever reason, I checked Amazon again. They had had them, and then they didn't. I was THRILLED to find them on Amazon. It was extra thrilled that the shipping was free, and they were $20 cheaper there than at the Merrell website. I ordered them.

3 days later, they arrived. They fit perfectly!  I spent all day yesterday shopping with my mom (who is visit), with no issues.  I am slightly embarrassed to admit, I forgot what support in the shoe felt like. I will not go so long before replacing my shoes.

Cinderella is happy, she finally found her shoe!

I think it is clear which shoes have done their time!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I love my Ecco sandals and if the day should ever come where they are no longer available it will be a nightmare!


    1. I hope they make your sandals forever and ever! (I do sometimes wonder if there is an even better shoe out there, so maybe some day I will be forced to look and see!)

  2. ...and they lived happily ever after (or until they wear out :-))!
    Yay for happy endings!!

    1. I am not going to wait 4 years to replace them! I probably should replace them at least once a year:)