Monday, 2 May 2016

Adventure - The Phone Switch - The Saga That Wouldn't End

Yesterday- I wrote about my score on saving money by switching my phone and shared some of the hassles in getting to the point where we could switch.

I would like to say the final steps of switching was easy, but it was not. At least I was able to keep my sense of humour (for the most part) as:

-Part way through the first call (40 minutes in), during the switching of my husband's phone, the call dropped. The person didn't call me back so I had to call back and wait for another representative to become available.

-It appeared the SIM card in my husband's phone was not working and the second person we spoke to said we needed a new one or when the phone switched it would work. He even suggested we would have to pay for it . . . .

-The second person also said the phones were all switched.

-The second person clearly didn't really know what was going on, so after about 30 minutes, I ended the call and called back.

-When I called back, Rob (who was actually very helpful), said when I added my husband to the account, somehow they deleted me from it, so I no longer had access and he needed to talk to him.

Modem ready to go back
-At this point my phone had switched over, my husband's phone had as well, but we couldn't tell because the SIM card wasn't working, and the home phone was completely messed up.

-Over the next two or so hours, Rob walked us through figuring out the SIM card (turns out hubby's phone was not unlocked properly) and continued to do things to try and figure out what was going on with the home phone. He was smart enough to know if you had phone issues, you could hang up and call back to test the phone! He called us back 10 times to sort it out all. In the end he fixed it, and we spent the last 30 minutes with him trying to figure out what he could do for us as customers because of the hassle. It was challenging because we are brand new customers. In the end, he was able to credit our account so the first month we are paying for only one phone, a savings of $40.

-Imagine my surprise when a couple hours later the home phone didn't work. I spent another 1.5 hours on the phone with 2 representatives. The first, useless. The second tried hard. She even made me the primary account holder again.

-They believe the issue is the phone. They wanted me to go to a store today to get the modem tested. If it was the phone, they wanted me to buy a new one. They want me to spend money to make it.

In the end, I cancelled my home phone with them. The plan is once my nephew is born in the next few weeks (he could arrive any day), I will cancel the home phone with the current provider. The only reason I have it now is in case my sister needs me to go to her house in the middle of the night for my niece.

In the end to save $800 this year (if you include the credit for the hassle) I spent 8 hours of life energy. That is all I am willing to put into my phones. It really shouldn't be so darn hard!

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  1. LOL...I just love that you labeled the post "adventure" instead of "aggravation", what a great attitude!!