Thursday, 12 May 2016

Thankful Thursday - Time With My Niece

While I am childless by choice and have never had the desire to be a parent, I love kids (I work with them) and I especially love being an aunt.

I admit, I am not much of a baby person. To be honest, I find them a little boring. Troy is cute and all, but he doesn't do anything.  However, I love kids aged 18 months to about 5. They are so much fun! So I was happy to have the time with Maggie, while my sister was giving birth.

As I spend my days working with individuals with autism, a disorder profoundly impacts communication and social skills, it was extra fascinating to listen to Maggie's language. It is amazing and so effortless for her. The natural development of language is a miracle to me.

Maggie made my week by finally calling me my name. She called me "Hiss" once when she stayed with us over Christmas, but has refused to use my name in my presence. Apparently, when I left the room she would say it (or her approximation of it). I was thrilled when she used it at the park, repeatedly on Saturday.

I am thankful we had this time and look forward to having more time together in the future. Maybe with enough practice, she won't cry as soon as she sees me (she always has done that!).

It would have been a very long walk home if I let her
pull the wagon all the way. Fortunately after a bit I convinced her
to take a ride in it! 


  1. Child development is amazing. Our grandson could possibly be "on the spectrum". His language skills were really delayed and no one could communicate with him (at all) until he was around 4 years old. Three years later his sister came along and followed a more average path to development. The difference was startling.


    1. I hope your grandson is doing well. Kids who acquire language without any barriers amaze!

  2. We love it when our little bipeds come over. They will be here tomorrow so we are all set for extra crumbs under the table and lots of playtime.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

    1. I really wish Hailey could relax around the kids, but alas . . . . maybe some day.