Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Supplements

I am not sure if I completely buy into the idea of supplements, but there are a few I have put in my diet and a few I have tested, all at the recommendation of my nutritionist.

The first thing my nutritionist recommended for me was a probiotic. She suggested a 30 day course. However, the only gluten free, dairy free, soy free one was 60 days.  I will take this until they are gone.  I had originally bought one with dairy and soy, so my husband took it (as he had just been on antibiotics for salmonella). He ended up having a weird reaction and crazy pain because of it. He went back to the doctor and the doctor said he may have pulled a muscle. In the end, he stopped the probiotic and the pain went away. 

Next she suggest I take Flax oil. As I don't eat fish, this is apparently a good way to get Omega-3. I take a teaspoon a day. It tastes a bit like oil, but is doable. 

Again, because we don't eat fish (I might have learned to like it, but my cook, aka husband can't eat it, so we don't), she asked me to go on a seaweed supplement. I admit the first day, I thought it was terrible and ruined my smoothie. However, after a few days, other than the colour (it is a crazy green colour), I didn't notice it. I have actually bought a second container. I will continue this for now. 

A slightly grosser but doable supplement was oil of oregano. This I took for about a month and then will take if/when needed. It is suppose to help with the immune system and the respiratory system. You place a few drops under your tongue and away you go!

Now onto the supplements that have been this weeks tests. At this point, anything new that comes into my body has to be tested. It is sort of a pain. The following supplements are suppose to help heal my gut. The idea is to put them into my system before introducing the big 4 (sugar, soy, dairy, gluten). If there are things that may help me be able to eat these foods, I will try them! 

Test 1: Aloe Vera Juice

I didn't even know that was a thing. Let me tell you, I have never hoped to fail a test more than this one.  I can't even describe how gross it is. I let some people smell it and they were grossed out. While I passed this test, when I run out, I am not going to be continuing to drink this. It is just too bad.

Test 2: L-Glutamine

I had never heard of this, but it comes in a capsule, so it doesn't taste. If there is benefit to this, I could see continuing. As of now I haven't reacted, but I do have until Wednesday to finish the test.

Do you take any supplements? Do they help?

(Next tests - sugar and wine . . . . . so excited - not that I want to put a lot of either back in, but being able to have a little sugar would make things a little easier).


  1. Great post and information. Thanks for the share.

  2. Supplements . . . so many different stories on whether they are good, bad, or in between! I have taken fish oil forever but now reports are saying it isn't helpful so I plan to discuss with my doctor in a couple weeks. I was taking Vit D but stopped as I am not sure it is doing anything. I do put flax seed (ground) in my breakfast cereal but honestly I doubt it does much as I didn't notice anything when I dropped it before. Isn't glutamine supposed to be good for joints?

    Back when I was a casualty claims adjuster I had this one woman who was going to a chiropractor and he had her on $2,000 worth of supplements (each month). I'm not a huge believer in supplements (or chiropractors). Good luck!


    PS - Are you losing a lot of weight through this?

    1. I lost about 10 lbs and am now my ideal body weight. I have also lost 2 inches around my waist (I think there are more to go there).
      I did see a chiropractor just for my back at one point and it did help.
      We will see if supplements continue going forward:)

  3. Just a probiotic and multivitamin for me. Thanks for all the great info!