Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Wine and Sugar

I made the decision to test wine next. Yes, I put wine before sugar, soy, dairy and gluten. I hope this doesn't say too much about me.  I wanted to do most of the testing over a weekend, so when the next test was going to fall from a Thursday to Sunday, and my parents were going to be visiting (you may interpret this as my parents make me want to drink but as my parents both read this blog, I, as a wonderful, loving daughter would never say such a thing), this seemed like the perfect time.
I am thrilled to report that wine passed! I will happily live without tomatoes (I haven't given up on the potato yet and will re-test it later), if I get wine. 

As this post goes live, I will be day two into sugar. Sugar is a tricky one to test because it is always in things. I need to come up with things that don't have soy, dairy or gluten to test. Will report on how sugar and soy go next week. 

To recap currently: corn, peppers, wine, and some supplements are in, potatoes and tomatoes are out, and sugar, soy, dairy and gluten are left to be tested. (I also want to retest potatoes and try oatmeal, something I think may have been causing me issues that I took out on my own). 

FYI: My mother sent me this because it made her think of me