Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Gluten and Exercise

Well, after testing potato, tomato, peppers, corn, sugar, soy, diary, wine, daiquiri, and supplements, it was finally time for the much anticipated gluten test.

The first challenge was finding gluten that didn't contain soy (as soy is my biggest fail to date). I finally did so in pita bread.

At least my last gluten was delicious
Day one and two of the challenge appeared to go fine, no physical reaction (although maybe in hindsight my extra crazy computer behaviour could have been influenced by gluten. I will blame it on that). After getting my computer fixed, we stopped for a favourite (and something I can eat and enjoy even without soy, potato and tomato) - shawarma.  Because I have been living gluten free for 4 years this month, I have been eating the shawarma plate. I haven't had a sandwich in forever. I thought even though it was a bit more gluten then I should eat, I would go crazy and test eating a small pita. It was delicious! 

The results -  I failed. Around 4:30 am I woke up with a terrible pain in my gut (my gut pain is always in my intestines just below my belly button - not as bad as tomato or soy, but bad enough) and I felt like crap most of Saturday. 

I am very disappointed and am having a slight pity party for myself, which I will get over, someday! 

I have tried all the foods except strawberries and peaches, and am really not in a hurry to test those. I want to go back and re-test potato once my gut heals again and oatmeal (which I voluntarily took out as I wondered if it was bothering me). Basically I am at the end of the elimination diet. I am sadly saying goodbye to tomato, soy and gluten, and maybe potato. 

Now that my food is almost under control, it is time to get serious about exercise. I have always thought I would like a fitbit, but to be honest, thought they were just too ugly. (I am a bit of a watch snob. I care more about watches than shoes actually). While in Indiana, I was introduced to the fitbit one, a clip on (thanks B and C!). When this post goes live I will have had it for a week and used it for 6 whole days. I am hoping I will have hit my goals.

I will talk more about exercise next week and how it is going, and hopefully I will be over my pity party by then! 

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  1. Wow, you have done so well in going through all the foods to see what does and doesn't work. I hope the results make life nicer and relieves your pain in the gut! I noticed you are actually doing very well in getting your steps in! Just make sure you don't leave it on your clothes and put it through the washer!