Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Pass, Pass, Fail

While I was traveling, I was faced with the first challenge of eating out repeatedly, without time to review the menus before going to restaurants. So I didn't go insane, I only avoid things that were clearly dangerous - like bread, and the maple-soy glaze.

I also got brave and ran 2 food tests while away:

Raspberry Daiquiri - Yep, that is my priority and am THRILLED I passed.

Dairy - I am amazed I passed this too! I would say my gut felt a bit heavy after eating a large amount in my Mac and Cheese (gf pasta), but no pain! I had no issues with the butter and cheese on the food I ate while I was away. I have been avoiding too much dairy for 24 years, so it is nice to know I can eat some.

On the success of post holiday eating, I got a bit cocky and was a bit disorganized, and tried movie theatre popcorn. I also had some cold cuts that day, which I don't normally have, but I think it was the popcorn I failed. Must be something in the topping. I will be smuggling my own in from now on because I know homemade popcorn is in.

I am chuckling to myself that I have lost tomato and soy, but gotten dairy and daiquiri - maybe it isn't a bad trade!

This blog will be quiet until my return from camping! We will see how this diet works on a restricted diet!

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