Sunday, 26 June 2016

Test of Patience

My Thursday rolled along pretty darn good for a Thursday (helped by the fact I had Friday off as it is a holiday in the province I live in). I got home from a very long day (left at 6:30 am walked back in the door at 8:40). I turned on my computer to check my email and it wouldn't connect to the internet. I tried a number of things but it wouldn't work.

My husband spent at least an hour (I went to bed, I was tired I was up at 4:30) with our internet provider trying to solve the problem. No luck.

My Precious
I woke up on Friday, and I didn't want to get up because I knew I was not going to deal well without my computer. I took the dogs for a long walk and then contacted Apple support. 1.5 hours and several freak outs later, the person helping me decided it was a hardware problem. I booked an appointment that night at the closest genius bar (about 45 minutes away, in another other province that wasn't having a holiday so it was open!). I had several more freak outs (the thought of having to switch computers was beyond what I could handle) but was able to pull it together and had a lovely visit with a friend who came up to spend the afternoon at the beach with me. (It was a beautiful afternoon at the beach).

5 pm came and we drove to the Apple Store.

My appointment started at 6. By 6:02 my computer was fixed. I wanted to give the Genius a big kiss! I was so relieved! . For some random reason, my computer "lost" it's IP address. With less than 10 clicks it was fixed. It also motivated me to buy the external hard-drive so I could back up my computer so if I have a problem again, it will be less stressful maybe. (The one I have isn't working properly).

I admit I wasn't as patient about my computer maybe being broken than I should have been. I would describe myself as a crash she-devil int hat situation. I just don't have the patience for computers mis-behaving. It is something I should work on.

Let's hope I don't have to for a long, long time and that technology stays on my side!


  1. There is nothing as frustrating as computer issues, especially when your internal IT guy can't fix them. Glad it was a easy fix!!

  2. Well I guess rebooting wouldn't fix the situation. Glad it was a quick fix though.


  3. I was discussing "end of days" issues with my spouse when I said "If my life consists of me being connected to the living only with wires and fed only with liquid, I don't want to continue, please let me go". He unplugged the computer I'd been on all day, poured my second glass of wine down the sink and said "done". I think my husband is too literal. :-)