Thursday, 23 June 2016

Thankful Thursday - Travel

It is hard to believe it has been 2 weeks since we left on our trip to Indiana. Time flies. As I have just completed 2 trips in 3 weeks and am working on planing the next one (at Christmas) I am taking the time to be thankful for travel. I am very fortunate to have the opportunities to travel as often as I do (although I don't think it is enough!)

Some things I love about travel:

Lake in Brown County State park
- It takes me away from the internet - don't get me wrong I love the internet and have been happily loving it since 1993 (my dad first was on it in 1989), but there is something liberating about stepping away from it.

- I come back to work feeling refreshed. I have a very intense and mentally demanding job. Even though I love it, it can be draining. Taking time away from it brings me back refreshed and more creative. I know I am a better consultant.

- I pushes me out of my comfort zone. My daily life is a routine. Routine makes me happy. Being pushed out of it occasionally is good for me!

- New people and places. No matter how far/near from home I go, there is always something new.

- Reminds me how lucky I am. By accident of birth and other equally random events, I know I am very lucky not only to travel but to have the life I do. Travel always makes me appreciate it!

Countries/Territories visited so far: Canada (9 Provinces), US (24 States), Iceland, England, Scotland, Wales, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, Japan, Norway, France, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Vatican City, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras.

Bridge to US


  1. I agree that I am very thankful to be able to travel often and to far away places. Especially now that I am "retired" and can "jump in the car and go". talk my husband into a camper..hmmmmmmm

  2. We are just happy to be home! I don't think my butt can take another mile for awhile. That said, we are headed to Oregon in August! At least this time we'll have cell service!

    Your Pals Who Are Trying To Catch Up,

    Murphy & Stanley & The Laundry Queen