Sunday, 31 July 2016

I Got A Doctor!!!!

We Canadians like to brag about our health care system, but the reality is, it is a bit broken. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of good things, like when my husband had salmonella food poisoning, in a week we had 2 trips to the ER, a CT scan and an MRI and it cost us the price of parking and his drugs. I am sure his care would have been in the tens of thousands of dollars. We are lucky that if we  are really sick, care is much easier to get and we won't end up with huge bills.

What is really hard to get is a family doctor. For years, I went to a university (like 14 years) and as a student had access to student health services and had a doctor. When I graduated for the 3rd time, it was time to find a new doctor. This was hard and I ended up with a "weird" doctor who wore leather pants and worked in his basement. He was efficient, but maybe a bit old school and did I mention he always wore leather pants. I didn't need to go often so it worked.

Then we decided to move across the river to another province. In Canada, health care is provincial. What we didn't know about our area was it is the area with the fewest family doctors in the province. The population is equally split between seniors and young families. After living here for 6 months, we were able to finally get on the list to get a family doctor. Tuesday will be 4 years here, and I just got a doctor on Friday.  My husband still doesn't have one.

Here is how I got my doctor. While we don't have doctors we are attached to a clinic and if we need something we call them and generally we see the resident or traveling doctor. On Friday I made my 3rd trip (in 4 years) to the clinic, as I needed a prescription refilled. I was expecting to see the resident. I was fine with that as it was a simple prescription refill. I arrived and was told the resident was ill, but if I didn't mind the wait, one of the other doctors would see me. I needed my prescription as of Sunday and having the day off and a book, I was happy to wait. I waited about 45 minutes and was seen. In our conversation (mainly that I hadn't had a full physical in almost 5 years), this doctor agreed to take me on as a patient. She said I should have a doctor, and even though she was overwhelmed that day (seeing 2 doctors caseloads) was happy to take me on. She did point out, she wasn't going to be seeing much of me (let's hope not!). I signed the form making her my gp. In a few weeks I will call and book my physical (which will likely only take place in the late fall).

I called my husband and said "I got a doctor" and his response was "get out! How do I get one?" I admit I am more excited than I should be about this. It shouldn't be such a thing, but now I have a doctor, whom from the first visit seemed like someone I will like. At least she wasn't wearing leather pants . . . . teehee!

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  1. I think I would have to ask about those leather pants, and practicing in his basement? Congrats on getting a doctor! Yes, there seems to be tradeoffs with whatever "system" of healthcare that is available. We have the best of all worlds cuz we have tons of insurance so it is very rare for us to have to pay anything for our appointments (other than the monthly premium which I assure you is plenty high). The best option is to just stay healthy!