Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tasty Tuesday - What I Eat

The number one question I get asked in conversations regarding my restricted diet is "what do you eat?"  People can't imagine what I eat without gluten, soy, potato and tomato, because they can't imagine a world without processed food.

It is actually pretty darn easy to eat at home with my food restrictions now that I have found a few key products. I have found some cereal I can eat, bread and pasta.

A week day of food looks like this:

Breakfast - Green smoothie and I rotate between cereal and toast with natural peanut butter.  I drink a cup of tea on my drive in. (On weekends we always have pancakes on Sunday and we may have eggs on Saturday).

Morning snack - I usually have 1/2 my green smoothie to drink as I make 3-4 cups and can't drink it all at breakfast - I often have fruit or seed balls (they are my granola bar substitute).

Lunch - on the weekend I make a pot of something - rice dish, quinoa dish, soup and I have that, sometimes with corn chips or rice crackers. Sometimes I may have leftovers from dinner as well.

This weeks lunch is quinoa with pumpkin and asparagus

Afternoon snack - I have upped my fruit intake to 3 servings now, instead of the 2 my nutritionist suggested. I don't always have the 3rd, but I like the option. I have a piece of fruit and either1/4 c  sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

Car snacks - As I have a long commute home and a late dinner I aways pack 2-3 cups of raw veggies and 1/4 of nuts to eat on the way. If I am extra hungry during the day, I might eat some of my veggies earlier. I can't eat nuts at work, so I keep them in my car and always have them for the road.

I rotate toward mixed nuts, cashews and walnuts generally.
While I prefer them salted, I try and get unsalted ones. 

Dinner - Most nights my husband cooks and it can vary, but generally we have some meat, a starch (usually rice or sweet potato or pasta) and 1-2 veggies. Favourite meals - BBQ burgers, rice wraps, curry, sweet pulled pork, and a really nice steak!

What I drink: I might have a glass of wine with dinner or perhaps a cocktail (especially in the summer). During the day I generally drink water and the occasional second or third tea (especially in the winter).

On the weekends, I eat a lot of the same things, I don't snack as much. I probably eat less, although I do eat more "junk". I have discovered I can eat skittles, so I have one candy in my wheelhouse now. I am more likely to eat ice cream and popcorn.

That is what I eat.


  1. Everything was rolling along just fine until we saw that jar of nuts. Do you realize that our mom would sneak into your house under the cover of night and steal those nuts? She is just like a squirrel. BTW, mom was wondering why soy is so bad these days? Or is it just bad cuz you can't tolerate it?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. I think even for people who can tolerate soy it is in way too many things!
      I am the same with nuts, but since I measure them out and take them to work, it is fine.