Thursday, 21 July 2016

Thankful Thursday - The Desk

In a world with portable devices I know a lot of people don't use a desk, especially at home. I do however. I work at home at least one day per week (I am hoping to make that 2 more often, but I am always saying that) and I do the best work sitting at my desk.

This isn't any desk. This is a very special desk. It was my great-grandfather's desk. I believe he had it made for himself. It was then my grandfather's desk. When my grandfather died, I was asked if I wanted it. I said yes, and now I spend my work at home days sitting at this very solid piece of furniture.


  1. How awesome to be able to work at a desk that has seen so much history!

  2. What a wonderful desk! I also have a desk. Bob has one too cuz we don't share well lol! Not sure how I would get along without one!