Tuesday, 5 July 2016


It has now been almost 2 weeks since I joined the craze and got my Fitbit one.

Prior to the Fitbit I would guess the average number of steps I took a day was about 7000. It is easy on even a 7 hours hunched over my desk day to get about 7000 steps, thanks mainly to my dogs.

My goal is to get my 10 000 steps every day. I will do what it takes to get this as long as I am not ill. I will let my body rest if I get the flu or something.  So far, I have hit this goal every day. Somedays it is easy to get all 10 000 and some days I am watching Netflix at 10 at night walking on the treadmill to get them in or jog around the house like a crazy person.

I have been in one competition and while I enjoyed seeing how other people did, it did nothing to motivate me to get more than my 10 000 steps. I am not that externally competitive. I will do it again for sure, because it does help me work toward the 10 000, even if I don't care about winning.

I generally have 4000 steps or close to it by breakfast. This is because I walk the dogs first thing in the morning. The women at work are always impressed as they barely have 1000 when they get to the office. (Many of them are working directly with the kids and can easily get up to 5000 steps in one shift, which is 3 hours, with a little one).

I can feel it in my legs that I am walking more consistently, so I know I wasn't always getting 10 000 steps before.

The sleep tracking bothers me. I have it on sensitive mode and I barely get 5 good hours of sleep even if I sleep 8. However, most of the time I am not feeling tired. Maybe I should get set it back to normal:)

I will hold the course for the time being and continue to aim for 10 000. Once that is easy, we will look to increase it.

My next goal fitness goal is to add 2 different exercises (kayaking, yoga mainly) to my activity to work on different muscle groups.

That is the scoop with my exercise. It is nice to have something other than food to think about!


  1. At least you haven't gone crazy! I am not competitive at all either but I do enjoy competitions. I guess I am concerned with motivating myself to maintain an active level cuz I can easily be a slug on my non-running days. Now we would be the opposite of Diana . . .


  2. I'm with you and C as far as the competitions keeping me motivated but I'm really in it to win..I have been known to "housewalk" to make sure and hit my goal tho... :-).