Sunday, 7 August 2016

Adventures - A Weird Version Of Where's Waldo

Growing up in the 80s (this was just the dawn of the computer age and while we had a computer it really didn't do much - we didn't have internet until like 1989), I would say my family made it's own fun. Often in the good weather (aka not winter) we would go to "ghost towns" i.e. old cemeteries and wander around.  We also went to small town museums and historical sites (I am guessing I have been to at least 1000 galleries, cemeteries, museums, historical sites in my life). Because of the hours I have spent in cemeteries, I find them interesting and peaceful. 

While I was visiting my parents, we did similar things. One day we went to a museum and on the other 2 we went to cemeteries.

Cemetery 1: Kincardine - Goal - to find the "unknown sailor" grave. In November 1913 a huge storm hit Lake Huron. Many ships were lost. Near Kincardine over 250 lives were lost and only 50-some bodies were recovered. 5 washed up on the shores of Kincardine beaches and were never identified. My dad and I spent about 30 minutes wandering around, (I said it was like we were playing "Where's Waldo" or wondered if people thought we were playing disrespectful Pokemon-Go as Dad pulled out his phone to look and see if we could find where it was).  In the end, we didn't find it. An adventure for another time.

Cemetery 2: A tiny one called Port Bruce I believe. Our goal was to find the 3 Smith sisters who build the cottage beside my parents. Tiny cemetery. We found some Smiths but not the Smiths we were looking for. Again we lost at Where's Waldo.

However, we did see some cool things. A few samples from Port Bruce:

Although hard to read, I love old stones

I personally don't want a stone, but if I did, this would be it. 

Never had seen strips like this to put the stones on

If you are going adventuring, look the part. My father (I sometimes pretend I am adopted).

Loved the caption but said out loud "I hope not!"


  1. We love walking through old cemeteries too. Some things are funny and other things just make you wonder. Your dad looks like an interesting fella!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Now that is an adventure! I also love cemeteries, especially with old, old gravestones.

  3. What a fun post and a great adventure! You made our Mom smile:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. I love a good adventure and that looks like one. I am fascinated by some of the old graveyeards. There is one I went to with a friend who was leaving flowers on a grave of a family member. I stood off aways to give him some privacy and I saw one big stone with six names on it. All small children, all perishing the same day. It was several generations ago and I wondered if it was a house fire I just stood there and wept.