Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Meeting the Trainer

So last Thursday I went to meet and have my initial assessment with my trainer Alex. I admit I found this terrifying. My fear was probably made worse by the fact I am doing this at the cross fit gym - Greco - a chain in Ottawa (about to expand) made famous as being the place the athletes and celebrities go (i.e. hockey player Mike Fisher and when they lived in Ottawa his wife Carrie Underwood).

Being brave and touching a whale - Iceland
There were only 3 things I came up with I would like to be doing less: 3: whale watching 2: having blood taken 1: getting stitches. At the end of it, I would say I felt being in the gym environment was probably tied with whale watching. I can do it, but I sort of want to die the whole time. This was just the assessment. As a non-optimistic person, I truly don't believe it will get better, but as long as it doesn't get worse, I will get through it. And yes, I let Alex know how I felt.

We went over all my exercise history (that took 2 seconds), my goals (to be strong enough to feel confident when an adult client wants to run away), my injuries/areas to consider (so my scoliosis and my knee).

Being brave and whale watching - Iceland
I was happy with my weight - 155.6lbs - not happy with my body fat - 33% (should be about 24% for my age) - and impressed I held a plank for 37 seconds.

We start 2 times a week training every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:15-9:15 am today. We are doing this for a month. Alex said I should lose about 1% body fat, although sometimes at the beginning it goes faster. He doubts my weight will change (which is ok because I am right about where I should be).  I am not suppose to do things at home to start as Alex is afraid I will hurt myself. One of my colleagues questioned this, thinking he just wanted more money, until I reminded her I had needed 2 knee surgeries after studying - I may be a danger to myself.

Fingers crossed it isn't too embarrassing on Tuesday.


  1. I am laughing over this because I can sooooo understand! I found the things you listed as "wanting to do less" very interesting. You hate whale watching more than getting your teeth cleaned (I would have used that one)? You are a brave soul. I would never get such an assessment. I will applaud your efforts and cheer you forward!


  2. You did excellent - the first day with my trainer I could only hold a plank for TEN seconds. I can now hold one for 3 minutes and do 3 reps.

    As for the whale watching. This happened when I was a kid and we had a cabin at the coast. Work safe, though not keyboard safe.