Sunday, 14 August 2016

Permission To Chill

No one who reads this will be surprised to hear me say I am a little type A and I have a little bit of OCD (ok a lot of OCD but I am working on it). Because of this, I can have very high expectation and standards for myself. [I do have high expectations for others, but am far more forgiving - even if they don't feel that way]. This has allowed me to accomplish a lot of things, so it isn't always a bad thing, but at the same time, it can take me to the brink of burn out and make me unhappy.  So I have been working on giving myself permission to not do everything I think I must.
I gave myself permission to make a martini on
Friday as well

Lately I have given myself permission to:
-Unfollow blogs and Twitter accounts I don't enjoy/always skip over and I always have some guilt about. I know that I can always add them back if I change my mind later.
-Be ok with not getting to read every single blog I love every single day (I know they all understand that sometimes my time is limited and I can't do everything I want)
-Not do yoga every day as it was taking all my free evening time - I am currently aiming for 2 times a week.
-Not meditate every morning - my focus has been increasing my walk time and sleep time and since for the summer my hours have shifted earlier, leaving meditating time every day means getting up super, super early. Again I am trying for a couple times a day.
-Prioritize steps/exercise - to the limits listed above - I am working on getting my 10 000 steps a day

-Probably the hardest for me, was yesterday, I gave myself permission to chill.

I have also given myself permission to
indulge in "ice cream Fridays"
You see my Friday afternoon was really rough at work. To make a long story short, a young man I work with (he has autism), tried to run into traffic. With the help of a co-worker, we were able to physically stop him. However, he punched my right arm repeatedly (it is bruised) and from the force of him pushing me and me pushing back so he couldn't get past, the right side of my back and neck were hurt (thank you scoliosis for making this more likely to happen).  Advil, a hot bath and a nap made it a bit better, but I felt both emotionally and physical drained on Saturday.  This may have been made worse by the fact it was pouring rain (desperately needed, but the perfect weather for a do nothing kind of day). While part of my mind said I needed to get out and walk the dogs and do this and that, the smarter part of my brain said, "you earned a day off, relax, Sunday is a new day."

That is what I did. I wasn't totally lazy, we did go to the city for a few fun errands, but I was fairly lazy. I didn't come close to 10 000 steps.  I am going to be ok with that, because sometimes you just need to chill.  Perhaps, if you get hurt possibly saving someone's life, you can have a completely lazy day:)


  1. You made a huge difference in that life so you earned the right to chill. Hope the soreness goes away quickly but not so quickly that you can forget what a wonderful thing you did . . . even if it is your job. I think it is a hard thing to just relax. Bob and I talk about this sometimes and fail to understand how so many can do it so easily. We are trying to practice this lol! But I think it does get easier with age. Maybe that's the secret? Just gotta remember to not let it get too easy. Oh, and great choice on the ice cream!

    Not Beth & B-Dawg

  2. We are so sorry you were hurt trying to help that young man. We know his family really appreciates all that you do for him. Hugs to you from us. Hope you heal well and quickly.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning