Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Week I Was A Sloth

Last week, I was a sloth. There is no other way to put it. I didn't reach my step goal like 5 days, not because of time, but because I was lazy. I had most of the week off (I worked a total of 5 hours, at home, over 2 days). Instead of exercising I did things like binge watch Downton Abbey and Homeland, I sat and read, I hung out with friends and family.  It was a good week and I probably should occasionally take weeks like this, but now it is time to make my health a priority and get moving.

Hopefully being back in a routine will help. (My routine only starts today as yesterday was a holiday in the province I work in).

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In other news, I hope to do a potato challenge this week. My gut seems to be in a good place, so I think it is a good time.


  1. Some weeks are just like that. Trust me, I know!


  2. Oh yeah...I'm living that week :-). Back to FitBit challenges next week?!