Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tomato and Exercise

Something upset my gut starting on Sunday. It is actually the worst gut pain I have had in months. My initial thought is it isn't tomato. I had a little bit of discomfort after the tomato test leading me to conclude I can have it in small amounts. I didn't have it on Saturday the day before the pain started. My guess is I just ate a combination of food, including too much junk that set it off. I hope it passes quickly.

In exercise news,  I am mentally preparing myself to meet with a trainer on Thursday. I have taken the following steps to prepare:

- stop doing things that look like exercise to "rest my body"
- binge on foods I shouldn't eat (chips, fries - did I mention I ate my first fries in 5 months and they were the best thing in the world - chocolate, ice cream, booze)
-buy a lock for a locker at the gym.

I think I am about prepared as I can be, don't you?

1 comment:

  1. LOL...yep, you sound ready!
    Hope your foot feels better in time for your appointment!!