Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Mind Over Matter

As discussed, the first week at the gym was tough mentally for me. I really struggled with this, but  I am happy to report I was able to work through it and week 2, I killed it (and it nearly killed me)! Going to the gym is now slightly better than whale watching.  Now this doesn't mean I like going. I actually dislike the exercises (especially the running on the step, lunges and squats), and I dislike how I feel after (I am really suffering from DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness - in places I didn't know I even had muscles - this is suppose go get better, we will see - the pain is rather intense at times and places).
To help me work through the mental game,  I am working on being more positive about it (I am choosing to do this, I don't have to) and I have found 2 things I like about the gym.

1) I really enjoy telling a 24 year old (yes, I asked how old he was) to F-off repeatedly 2 times a week. There is something satisfying about this, even if he has figured out that when I am telling him where to go, he has pushed me to the right place.

2) While I don't like the doing, I am impressed what I can actually do. I have won the mental game (which is great), so the focus is on the physical one. Day one of chest press, I got up to 15 lbs. Yes, F'in Alex had to catch my hands at the end  but I didn't wimp out, even though I so wanted to - it was my body said enough. Also, the very last thing I did last week was a 1 minute and 30 second plank. 2.5 weeks before I could do 37 seconds. That is impressive to me. 

People keep asking me what I will do after my last 4 sessions. The truth is, I don't know. I know my strength goals won't be met, so I am going to have to do something. I have decided I will figure this out at session 8. For now, I will just focus on 4 more sessions and the count down to being able to have a martini (F'in Alex said I can have one after my 8 sessions are done). It is so not like me not to have this all planned out, but then being at the gym is so not like me, maybe it all works out. 

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  1. Glad you are finding your zone. Yes, making a "what's next" plan is a good idea! Well done! Now, wondering if f-ing Alex would accept emails from us LOL!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley