Thursday, 1 September 2016

Thankful Thursday - I Didn't Pass Out

Today I am thankful that I didn't pass out during my first training session with Alex. Twice I got so dizzy I was sure I was going to, but I immediately told him and we took a break.

This brings me to how it went. It is fair to say "it went". Alex seems like a nice enough person, but he is now "f-in' Alex" in our house. (Our cleaner's name is also Alex so it helps us keep straight who we are talking about lol). While I say that about him, he did a good job at pushing me when I needed to and stopping when I couldn't/was about to die. He is not very good at counting (my husband had told me that), and because my job requires data while doing other things, I can talk and count, so I corrected him several times.

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There was only one completely embarrassing moment. He wanted me to step on and off the Bosu ball (which I am calling the Bozo ball). I told him I can't do that, my balance isn't good enough. He said to try (clearly he didn't believe me), I did, I fell off. He said we would work up to that, I said, likely never going to happen. I did a year of physio on something similar - could never do it.

I am allowed to swear at him and as a 41 year old woman, there is something satisfying about telling a fit 25ish year old guy where to go.  There are some great things you earn as you get older.

The gym is in the building my husband works in, so he popped in and waved. He said he did this to make sure we were both alive. I really think he is more worried that I will kill Alex then him killing me.

At the end he told me I had "potential" and he sent a follow up email saying how great I did and telling me to avoid sugar (aka alcohol - he thought there was too much in my food log) which was easy because eating and drinking was the last thing on the planet I wanted to do on Tuesday. I thought exercise was suppose to make you hungry.

I am sore enough as I type this on Wednesday. My pecs are the sorest. The rest isn't as bad as I expected.

The big question - is this better or worse than whale watching. I think if falls between whale watching and blood work. I have the same upset stomach before whale watching, I have to use the same cognitive behaviour therapy on myself to go/keep going as whale watching, but the physical distress is more like blood work, where I always pass out.

And yes, I love to get my teeth cleaned. If I had the money I would go every 3 months. I am actually going tomorrow and am looking forward to it! Yes - I am weird.


  1. I think we need a bit of clarification if the whale watching is from a boat or from the shore? Also, teeth cleaning isn't so bad especially since we changed dentists. We never knew how abused we were until we changed dentists. Kudos to you for doing this and we are sure you will be glad in the end that you did. You might want to work on that balance cuz I can assure you it will get worse as you age. Something happened in the last 2 years and I tip over easily lol! BTW, please tell Sam that my cousin who coaches the Ultimate team actually went to the international playoffs in Poland and her team earned a silver medal.

    Not Beth

  2. BOL...Regardess, went and you didn't pass out. Chances are I wouldn't have even have showed up ;-).

    Oh...and NB is totally right about the balance getting worse when you age...

    Not Carol

  3. Good for yo! I can't do that balancing thing with my missing meniscus either. My trainer is learning "me" and she understands better when I say "I can't do this" I'm not just being lazy - I physically CAN'T yet without undue pain in that knee, but with all the steady increases she knows I'm trying. I wasn't really overweight to start, about 15 pounds (and I'm really tall) but I had really bad muscle tone after being a couch potato for two years post knee surgury. I couldn't even hold a "plank" for more than five seconds and I can now do three minutes. After six months with her I can do sit ups and pull ups and push ups now and I can proudly wear a sleeveless top without people thinking I'm a flying squirrel. But I understand giving them a bit of "push back". B.had me doing an exercise where I had the big blow up ball between my back and the wall and I was doing squats while extending out a 20 pound medicine ball as I went down into the squat movement. She said "it's a movement as if you're gently handing the ball to someone like a gift". So the next time - I said "here's your f-ing ball, my friend" and she just cracked up. We do have fun, which why it is working for me.

  4. Oh, and as an aside. I can't do that balancing thingy in your picture, it kills my knee. But one thing that's helped is Birgit just has me stand on one leg for 30 seconds at a time, while holding the other a few inches off the ground, then alternating. Sometimes I do it with weights held down at my side or up over my head (just 3-5 pounds). That's done a lot for my balance without tweaking my bad knee, and if I have to "tap" the other leg once in a while as I build strength, that's OK.

  5. Sorry - duplicate comment for some reason on that first one so I deleted.