Thursday, 29 September 2016

Thankful Thursday - Self-Discipline

As I move forward on this healthy lifestyle path (eating real food, exercising, etc. etc.), I realize I am blessed with self-discipline.  It is just who I am and who I have always been, so I don't think a lot about it normally. However, in several conversations I have had recently (with people who know about my journey and people who have commented on how awesome I look and asked what I am doing), I am reminded that this discipline is rare (see an early post where I went on my soapbox about motivation). But let's be clear, just because I have been able to do this, doesn't mean I like it or even want to do it. I set up systems to make myself more successful (i.e. fork over a lot of money to a trainer, put it in my to do list), lay out some rules for myself ( can have a drink on the weekend, you can have dark chocolate if you want), and I can just get it done. This is a blessing, so today I celebrate this discipline and my ability to commit to things and as I often say "I just get sh*t done." 

Editors note: I realize since I gave up most of my vices, I am swearing more lol!

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  1. Swearing more? No way are we gonna believe that shit! Yes, discipline is something many of us lack! You have good tips!