Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How I Got A Second Drink And Pancakes

Last Tuesday as I was warming up on the exercise bike I told F'in Alex I needed a second drink per week. He asked me why and I gave him the highlights of my Monday:

-dealing with problem behaviour that is trying to rip people's clothes off and is very funny
-having to make a video of the kid doing this and then watching it and sharing it with a coworker to help come up with a strategy (I should have worn a better bra)
-having to tell the parent about this and come up with a plan
-dealing with masturbation
-dealing with another upset parent
-teaching a teenage girl to tolerate wearing a pad 
-having to wait 10 minutes to pay for gas because the homeless guy had some issue with his lottery tickets
-having a silly argument with Sam (which is rare)

It wasn't even a bad day, it was just a day and I needed a vice. So F'in Alex agreed that if I walked 7 days a week (which I pretty much did anyway) and I didn't add anything sugary to the drink (hello vodka shooter) I could have a second drink. Was thrilled because my Tuesday was actually worse than my Monday and I had something to look forward to!

Then on Thursday, he gave me back pancakes. He said I could have them occasionally if I either put protein powder in them (not happening) or used almond flour. I am not sure why he gave them back, except he did this after he left me drop a 20 lbs weight on my stomach (I sort of caught it so it didn't fall hard and yes I finished the set and the next 2). Whatever the reason, I just took it and ran with it. Nearly died when the tiny bag of almond flour cost $18, but whatever! Sam made amazing pancakes with it!

Because he was so nice last week, I wonder what he will do to make up for it this week!


  1. How awesome!! I love that you are getting to enjoy things that you love again....even if you have to work for it!

    I started at the gym this morning(with no F'n anyone ;-). Need to work my upper body and core along with my walking. I lost 3 pounds in Vegas by switching things up (no escalators, meaning lots and lots....and lots of stair climbing). Which really motivated me to change things up here at home too!

    Hope things are calmer for you this week!

  2. Wow, that was a very wild week. Are you sure it only gave you 1 drink? That Alex is tough!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley