Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Dear Spanx

Dear Spanx,

It is with a heavy heart I write you this letter. We have had some wonderful times together over the past few years. You have hugged my curves and held in all my bumps and rolls during many events. Do you remember the time you were under my little black dress at a charity dessert event? Oh what a yummy night that was. Tthere was the time you joined me under my jeans and favourite black sweater? My bottom looked particularly nice that day.  Remember how hot my body felt under my pink dress at that wedding?  So many, many memories.

I truly believed that we had a lifetime more of memories to make. I pictured you in my suitcase on my next trip. I imagined you holding my gut in at a buffet. However, it is time we said goodbye. I have discovered a new way of living. Thanks to eating clean most of the time and the terrible time I spend every week with F'in Alex, I no longer need you. The rolls and bumps you so strongly caressed are gone. My stomach is almost flat. The flap on my body is almost gone. A body I had never dreamed possible or really aspired for has emerged. It is a body that no longer needs you.

So today I say goodbye dear Spanx. Thank you for the support you provided. May you bring the next body you hold in as much confidence as you gave me. May your time spent with them be short, as they too find a way to change their life so they no longer need you.


K-10 - future action hero stand in


  1. What a wonderful break up letter. Well done!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Wild Applause...and a Standing Ovation!!!
    Congrats K10....sorry Spanx!