Sunday, 20 November 2016

The IUD - A funny tale

Me with the box
Before I moved to Quebec, I was blessed with an old school male doctor who said all my hormone/period  issues were just life and to live with them. That is easy for someone not suffering from menorrhagia (why do women's health issues have such horrible names) that was making life challenging. To put it in perspective, the average period is 30-40 ml. Thanks to the Diva Cup I know mine was between 150-200 ml and accompanied with debilitating pain.

When I moved to Quebec and before I got a doctor, they were at least kind enough to have me try the pill. The first one I tried, no luck. The second worked for the first year. It was when I needed the renewal that I finally got a doctor. She felt the best treatment for me was to have an IUD put in (she gave me a lot of other options and we agreed this would be the best to try). The Mirena was actually designed for women suffering from menorrhagia.

When she prescribed the IUD she warned me the box was really large and not to be scared it. I nearly died laughing when I saw the box (I am sure the pharmacist thought I was crazy). It is huge! The friends I showed the following picture to also laughed, one laughed until she cried!

The day for the insertion arrived and before the doctor started she said she had a medical student who had not seen the procedure and from whom it would be very helpful to see, could the student watch. I said sure. Then the doctor said, I actually have 2 students. I said sure, why not! We are facing a serious doctor shortage so if standing and watching a doctor put something in my uterus can help, why not! (Many of my friends were mortified at the thought of this, I was like, whatever). I did make a joke after we all got settled into the room if anyone else would like to come and join us. While on the table, while the doctor was explaining things to the students (it was a discussion about my cervix I believe) and  it struck me how odd this was and I started to giggle. The doctor asked if I was ok and I said "this is all just weird" and she said it was and we all laughed.

Hopefully, as I have shared my body with science I have help educated two very timid seeming student doctors.  More importantly, hopefully this IUD will start to do its job (it said it would take 2 weeks to 6 months to get sorted out and we are just entering week three) and I will be one of the 97% of women who no longer have a period because I am just finishing up 7 weeks with it and I am kind of over it!

Also hopefully my husband's clearly sexist health plan will take the doctor's note saying this is for menorrhagia and not contraception and pay for it. (They will only cover oral contraception apparently).

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  1. Wow, that is HUGE! Mom said she got a mental image of this event and she was laughing. BUTT the way women's health is treated and basically run by men is no laughing matter! We hope it works out!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley