Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Unglamorous Side Of Beauty

My hairstylist Jess has been wanting to lighten my hair since I met her. Finally, because I am tired of seeing roots at week 2 (not because I didn't like the colour), I decided to give this a chance.

It was a 4.25 hour and $300 process and it went like this.

First 1 hour and 45 minutes of applying bleach. My head felt like it weighed 100 extra pounds, made worse by my sore traps (thanks F'in Alex).  I had saran wrap on my ears so the bleach didn't burn them.

Then another 30 minutes later and it was time to see what happened. 

One side went reddish and the front didn't want to lighten. 

The other side went bleach blonde. 

In the end I came out "expresso" - it is lighter than it looks in this picture. 

As Jess was washing out the final colour she admitted that she had been very nervous about this. Dark hair often doesn't lighten well. I am glad she saved her concerns until we were in the clear! 

Let's hope the roots don't show up as early!


  1. It's a really pretty color! I add just a few highlights. My natural color is dark auburn, and the highlights bring it up to a nice copper color.

  2. Wow..Looks great!! I've been coloring mine so long (since I was 16) it thinks it's really this color now ;-).