Tuesday, 6 December 2016

An Unexpected Gym Side Effect

Because I have never been athletic a day in my life, I hadn't really given it much thought to ALL the places I would lose weight/shrink when I started on my journey to get stronger. Maybe this is a good thing, because if I had known, maybe I would never have tried to get stronger in the first place.

While I don't have the total weight I have lost yet, I skipped the week 12 weigh in (I have promised F'in Alex we will do a weigh in before our last session in 2 weeks), I have lost some in an unexpected place. Drum roll - I have had to get smaller bras.

The painful summer I was 19 I went from a B cup to a D cup in like 6 weeks. I have sat at that cup size since then (so for 22 years). More recently I have been a 36D. The first place the weight left was the band size, but now I am a 34C.

F'in Alex (who really wasn't my favourite person last week - 3 sessions in 4 days with him made me very sore and cranky) kindly reminded me I probably should try on my bathing suits before my upcoming vacation. So Thursday night I pulled them out and to my horror, they were too big. (My tankini still fit, but the bikinis are out).

Now I don't mind clothes shopping, in fact, I kind of love clothes, but I HATE bra and bathing suit shopping. My first reaction to needing a new suit was to quit the gym and just eat cake so my bathing suit fit. Completely rational as you can see. I was lamenting this first world problem to my Bestie when she offered me a solution. As a shopping expert (I might be so bold as to say a bit of a shopaholic) with a knowledge of bathing suits I didn't know one could have, she offered to do this shopping for me. I sent her my measurements. She called a company and searched online and sent me choices. She has ordered me a suit and will send me the bill. I have successfully outsourced something I do not like. That is wonder!

Now, I just have to wrap my head around this new world order of a smaller size. I wasn't prepared for this and am actually finding it harder than I would have thought.

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  1. Let's see if I can work up some empathy for this situation . . . Oh, I am trying hard lol! Congrats on such a problem! Since my weight is up my cup overflowith so I would love to have this problem! Nice that your friend took care of this. She is a very good friend! BTW, after I replied earlier via Fitbit I saw that we were at 23 degrees. Brrrrrr!