Thursday, 8 December 2016

My Future At The Gym

Next week will be 16 weeks since I started at the gym and the last week in my contract. Technically I can be free from the torture I endure twice a week.

As this date was looming and knowing that January would likely be a busy time as people set their new year resolutions I had a discussion with F'in Alex a couple weeks ago about this. I asked him two questions:
1) How would he rate my progress from where I started
2) If he could tell me what to do, what would he recommend.
As these 2 questions clearly made him uncomfortable, I really enjoyed asking them. (He spends ever session making me uncomfortable, so I took pleasure in getting even!)

To sum up what he said: while every person progresses differently, he is pleased with the gains I have made. He said it was "awesome". He also said that his recommendation as someone coming from a completely non-athletic background would be to do another 3-6 months and then start to fade him out. He said he would happily hold my spot while I was away (I really like my regular time at 8:15), just to let him know.

I thought about it and told him yes I would be back. In my head I have a million reasons to just be done - It is expensive, I could use the time to work, I am hating having to buy new bras/bathing suits and I finally got pants I love to replace the ones that were too big (although I think my hips are about done shrinking), I am tired of hurting, and I actually dislike doing most of it. I really don't care about being skinnier - that was never my goal. However, I know it is good for me, and life has shown me the importance of health this year. I know I am less stressed/coping better than I did pre-gym. I feel clearer and calmer. I know I am getting stronger.

So my plan in the new year is to suffer another 16 weeks and then stop and see where I am and go from there. I am sure I will have moments where I regret this choice . . . . .

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  1. Yes, you need to have an incentive to do something you don't enjoy. That's why I always suggest that new runners sign up for races. There has to be something going on to get you to do what you dislike when life gets in the way and there isn't much stopping from you falling into the "maybe tomorrow" way of thinking. This is why I haven't gone to the gym. I have a full weight machine downstairs that only gets touched when it gets dusted! I know that I would not follow through. I know me! So if you are the same way maybe you could find something that you enjoy, maybe something to do with a friend, and then do some maintenance workouts at the same time? You have 16 weeks to sort it out . . . after vacation! Congrats on everything you accomplished!