Friday, 16 December 2016

Results Are In!

Today was session 32 - 16 weeks of two 45 minute sessions of strength training. I am pleased with the results but more pleased I basically guessed them exactly and F'in Alex was off. He said if he won I had to do a burpee. I have told him I was never doing one and today was not the day it was happening:) Turns out I know my body best!

Let's compare where we started in August with F'in Alex with where we are now:

Weight - 156 lbs - now 144 lbs -down 12 lbs (plus the 10 from taking out my food allergies - so I have lost 22 lbs 'accidentally' this year)
Body Fat - 33% - now 28% - 1% away from not being fat.
Inches at hips - 38.5 - now 36 (started the year at 41.5 - so I have lost 5.5 inches there)
Inches at belly button - 37.5 - now 35 (started the year at 41, so I have lost  6 inches here)
Bra - 36D - now 34C

Now on to some strength measurements - because this is really why I am torturing myself regularly!
Plank was 37 seconds and today I did 3 minutes and I admit the only real hard part was the last 30 seconds.
Chest press and static row - started at 8 lbs, on Tuesday I lifted 35 for both.
Push ups - couldn't do 1, now from the knees am doing about 20.

It is clear I am stronger and healthier.

To thank F'in Alex for putting up with me, I gave him a Christmas gift. I gave him a drinking game,  I called "The F'in Alex Awesome Drinking Game". The rules are simple, if someone says awesome, take a drink. He thought this was a great game and was especially pleased this game was attached to a bottle of Sortilege (this is a Quebec Maple Whiskey and the best thing I have discovered since moving to Quebec). I figure having spent that much time with me in a gym, he deserved a drink or 10.

Now I have 3 weeks off and will be back at the gym January 10. I am going to try and do some things at home over this time so I don't lose everything I have gained.


  1. Congrats! You have made amazing progress! These results fully validate your hard work and suffering! What does Sam think about it all lol? This 3 week vacation will help you assess your ability to maintain on your own. I hope you do well and still enjoy your vacation!


  2. Woot Woot!! Go K10!!!

    Have a totally wonderful time on vacation!!!