Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Year In Review

As I am going offline next week for several weeks, I thought it was a good time to reflect on 2016. It was a crazy year. It started with my grandmother dying, and ended with my father almost dying. Right smack between those two things, we welcomed my nephew. The circle of life in all its glory!

On the work front - work has been completely insane. I am currently working 6 days a week, at least 6 hours a day to keep afloat. This is because I can't say no. I think that will be my personal goal for 2017, because even though I am blessed with a job I love (and am really good at), sometimes it can be a little much.

2016 saw a lot of travel. It started with a Caribbean cruise. I traveled to Chicago for a conference. I went on my dream RV trip to Indiana to meet fellow bloggers. It is ending with another trip (more about that when I return).

When I look back at 2016, I will remember it as the year I got healthy. With my family's health scare along with several friends facing health challenges (oh the joys of middle age!), the importance of controlling what you can has never been more apparent to me.

I worked with a nutritionist, a personal trainer (I will share the results after 16 weeks on Friday), and a doctor (I had my IUD put in that will hopefully help my menorrhagia).  I have healed my gut, rebuilt my body and improved my hormones. I look at food differently (man, I would kill for a ginger ale tonight but know way to much about sugar) and make exercise a priority (sleep has always been a priority for me, so that isn't a change).  I feel clearer, calmer, and overall better. I think these changes in to my body have allowed me to handle all the stress life and work have thrown me better. I have never been so zen in my life.

My hopes for 2017 are to continue to be healthy. To only say yes when I really want to and can realistically do. To spend more time with friends and family. To travel more. To read, write and have fun.

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  1. You have made a lot of good changes this past year! May 2017 be even better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley