Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Happy Birthday F'in Alex

Today, on a training day, F'in Alex turns 25. He was complaining about getting old last week, and I kind of wanted to smack him. Like 25 is old. I am sure when I turned 25 I thought it was old, but looking way, way back, it wasn't that old. 41, now that is getting old:) 

I am generally not very nice to F'in Alex. I routinely call him an asshole and tell him to f**k off. By routinely I mean several times per session. Last Thursday I completely told him off for not doing his job and allowing Sam to get so hurt. To get even F'in Alex was a jerk and made me do extra hard things. I had to do pushups (the only exercise I really hate and he knows it), and do squats holding 30 lbs just to name a few. When he told me I was going to pay for yelling at him, I said "bring it on." No F'in 25 year old is going to get the best of me. 

However, today in honour of his 25th birthday, I am going to not swear at him or complain or really be myself.  I am going to try and be pleasant because spending part of a birthday training me is truly awful.  To be clear, I am not saying I am not going to swear (swearing helps relieve pain, the research shows it), but I am not going to direct my swearing at him. There is clearly a difference between a f**k under my breathe and f**k off you ass.  I think it is going to be a very hard session for me.  Perhaps having Sam there will make it easier. Maybe I can tell him where to go instead.

In case this gift fails and he is just too much of a jerk and I can't not tell him off, I have a back up one . . . . I made him a playlist (he has no idea what good music is) and he will be getting songs from iTunes from me. I am sure just because the one song is called F**k You, it is still a very nice gift. 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Training Together - Day One

Tuesday marked the first day Sam and I trained with F'in Alex together.   How did it go, you ask?

It went fine. It really didn't change what I did. Only 2 things were different. I had to clean the bench or flip the mat because I refuse to lie in someone else's sweat (I don't care if that makes me a princess, it is gross). Sam was slightly distracting as he may have overdone it, and may have had to leave to go and throw up. I am still living my life goal of never throwing up at the gym.

Not only did Sam throw up, but he picked a weight that was too heavy (and F'in Alex asked him what he wanted instead of just telling him what he was doing) and he hurt his shoulder so badly he spent Wednesday in bed.  I told F'in Alex off after our session for not doing enough coaching, and I didn't know Sam was so hurt. I have told him off via email and will tell him off again tomorrow. Sam says it is his fault and I am not to yell at anyone, so I won't yell. I will just be annoyed. I actually think they are both to blame and I am feeling frustrated with them both. BOYS!

At any rate, Sam plans on joining us again. He is suppose to be with me about the time this goes live, but I doubt he will be able to this week. I think he may have to re-start next week. Hopefully both he and F'in Alex learned something and it will go better.

Sam clearly needs this - teehee
I really wish the shipping to Canada wasn't as much as the shirt, I would buy some!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Another New Twist To The Gym

When the gym I was going to closed, Sam lost his place of workout too. He has been going back and forth about what he was going to do. He prefers some sort of class. After careful consideration, he has decided to make my personal training a dyad/group training. Starting today he is joining me at my sessions.

It should be interesting . . . . . . . . . . . We will see if F'in Alex is up to the challenge.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


As mentioned in the fall, I tend to see September as the new year and not January. However, there is something about replacing the calendar and changing the year on things that makes you look at what you want to change in your life. I had some time to reflect on this during my vacation and have decided that instead of a resolution, I am going to have an "intention" or guiding principle.

Setting an annual intention for the year seems to be the trendy thing, there are so many blog posts and podcasts about it. The idea is instead of a specific goal you set a general one or two word phrase you are going to live by for the following year. While I didn't set one for 2016 it is clear my intention was "healthier". So I thought a lot about what I would like to focus on for the year or coming months and I picked the following intention:

Be intentional

At first glance it is funny my intention is to be intentional, but here is my reasoning. I live a pretty routined life. I say yes when I should not (general because I don't think about it). I feel like I live in auto-pilot a lot, so I want to be more intentional about my time and what I am doing.  We will see how it goes.

In the meantime, here is some intentional humour:

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Another Break Up

Dear Candy,

We have had a great run haven't we? My childhood memories will always be sprinkled with your sweetness.

I learned about money purchasing penny candies at High Way Variety.  My dad and his buddy would send us kids to the store with a dollar each to get whatever we wanted. We would march there thinking of what combination of treats we were going to get. Was it chips? Pop? Those foam airplanes? Whatever we got, we always came home with penny candies too. It was the 80s and you could buy a lot of junk for under a dollar.

My childhood Saturday mornings spent at the bowling alley were not complete without the purchase of a lolly. The ones that were orange and yellow were my favourite. I can taste the sweetness just thinking about them.

I have found memories of eating so many sour candies my tongue hurt. Trading the sugary "garbage" from the little plastic garbage pails with my sister during camping trips. Picking out licorice with my Nana and Poppa at their trailer. Truly many of my favourite childhood memories have you in them.

Last weekend, this horrible thing occurred. It has been weeks, even a few months, since you and I hung out. On Saturday, at the movies, I had some of you. I got itchy and I got hives. To test this to see if it would happen again, I had some more on Sunday, with the same results.

Candy, I don't know what is in your sweetness that is making me itchy: is it the sugar, the food colouring, another chemical? It doesn't really matter, because being itchy eating you means we need to break up.  I will never know your sweet, sweet taste again. While F'in Alex says "It's Awesome", I am sad, even though I know you are just an edible substance pretending to be food that I shouldn't eat. You are tied up in the emotions and memories of my life the past 4 decades, and that is hard to overcome. But overcome it I will.

May you live as visions dancing in my head forever,


Thursday, 12 January 2017

New Year - New Gym

From the cruise ship gym
Tuesday marked my first day at my new gym.  As I mentioned, while I was away, the gym I was going to closed. F'in Alex found out like the day it was closing. He walked to the gym across the road and got himself a job there and started the next day.

The gym I had been going to was a very nice gym. It was a cross fit gym, little equipment, lovely change rooms etc. I have moved to a "normal" gym - an Anytime Fitness (which is apparently the biggest chain in North America right now). There are all kinds of scary machines (please don't make me go on those) and inside of a locker room they have 3 bathrooms with showers that aren't as nice. I also think it is going to cost a bit more because I have to pay for the monthly membership on top of the training time - I am apparently getting my contract today. (Also street parking went up so it is going to cost me $4 instead of $3 to park while I am there - guru).

I think if I was looking for a gym (just saying that makes me laugh), this would probably not be the one I would pick (total princess reasons), however, I am going to this gym because the idea of breaking in a new trainer is terrifying. I almost have this one where I want him, teehee! As F'in Alex said during the tour, "it is different but it has everything we need". He is mostly right, I don't think I needed an elliptical (that thing is weird!).

I am sure I will adjust and now that I am almost over my jet lag (I am sleeping more than 5 hours and not thinking it is time to get up at 3:20 am), it will help.

On the plus side - I didn't gain a pound on my trip. The average cruiser puts on 1-2 pounds per day. I also didn't lose any noticeable strength.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lessons From Vacationing

I learned some valuable lessons about being healthy while vacationing. 

1) I learned a lot of cheap tea (like the kind they serve on a cruise ship) has soy. Took 4 days and I was rather ill before I figured out the cause. Who would have known! 

2) It is really hard to exercise on a moving boat in a typhoon - it may be dangerous. (But a great excuse to skip lunges). 

3) Asia is a really difficult place to travel and eat if you can't eat gluten or soy. White rice and fruit can make a meal. (This I suspected before!) Sorry F'in Alex, I ate more rice than you would like, but it needed to be done. 

4) Exercising is not as fun if you don't have someone to swear at.

5) Cruise staff really push the carbs and sugar and are insulted when you don't eat them so you say yes more than you should.

I am slowly getting back into the time zone and detoxing. Today I meet with F'in Alex for the first time since December 15th. In the short time I was away the gym I was going to closed, but F'in Alex moved to the gym across the street and kept my time slot (so no excuses - darn it!)