Thursday, 19 January 2017

Another Break Up

Dear Candy,

We have had a great run haven't we? My childhood memories will always be sprinkled with your sweetness.

I learned about money purchasing penny candies at High Way Variety.  My dad and his buddy would send us kids to the store with a dollar each to get whatever we wanted. We would march there thinking of what combination of treats we were going to get. Was it chips? Pop? Those foam airplanes? Whatever we got, we always came home with penny candies too. It was the 80s and you could buy a lot of junk for under a dollar.

My childhood Saturday mornings spent at the bowling alley were not complete without the purchase of a lolly. The ones that were orange and yellow were my favourite. I can taste the sweetness just thinking about them.

I have found memories of eating so many sour candies my tongue hurt. Trading the sugary "garbage" from the little plastic garbage pails with my sister during camping trips. Picking out licorice with my Nana and Poppa at their trailer. Truly many of my favourite childhood memories have you in them.

Last weekend, this horrible thing occurred. It has been weeks, even a few months, since you and I hung out. On Saturday, at the movies, I had some of you. I got itchy and I got hives. To test this to see if it would happen again, I had some more on Sunday, with the same results.

Candy, I don't know what is in your sweetness that is making me itchy: is it the sugar, the food colouring, another chemical? It doesn't really matter, because being itchy eating you means we need to break up.  I will never know your sweet, sweet taste again. While F'in Alex says "It's Awesome", I am sad, even though I know you are just an edible substance pretending to be food that I shouldn't eat. You are tied up in the emotions and memories of my life the past 4 decades, and that is hard to overcome. But overcome it I will.

May you live as visions dancing in my head forever,



  1. We are so very sorry your relationship has come to this. It seems kinda cruel that Candy treated you so badly but of course you cannot allow it to continue. You will recover in time but likely never find anything to fully take its place. For clarification, how about the chocolate ones? What's their status?


  2. This brought a little tear to my very sad ;-).