Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Happy Birthday F'in Alex

Today, on a training day, F'in Alex turns 25. He was complaining about getting old last week, and I kind of wanted to smack him. Like 25 is old. I am sure when I turned 25 I thought it was old, but looking way, way back, it wasn't that old. 41, now that is getting old:) 

I am generally not very nice to F'in Alex. I routinely call him an asshole and tell him to f**k off. By routinely I mean several times per session. Last Thursday I completely told him off for not doing his job and allowing Sam to get so hurt. To get even F'in Alex was a jerk and made me do extra hard things. I had to do pushups (the only exercise I really hate and he knows it), and do squats holding 30 lbs just to name a few. When he told me I was going to pay for yelling at him, I said "bring it on." No F'in 25 year old is going to get the best of me. 

However, today in honour of his 25th birthday, I am going to not swear at him or complain or really be myself.  I am going to try and be pleasant because spending part of a birthday training me is truly awful.  To be clear, I am not saying I am not going to swear (swearing helps relieve pain, the research shows it), but I am not going to direct my swearing at him. There is clearly a difference between a f**k under my breathe and f**k off you ass.  I think it is going to be a very hard session for me.  Perhaps having Sam there will make it easier. Maybe I can tell him where to go instead.

In case this gift fails and he is just too much of a jerk and I can't not tell him off, I have a back up one . . . . I made him a playlist (he has no idea what good music is) and he will be getting songs from iTunes from me. I am sure just because the one song is called F**k You, it is still a very nice gift. 


  1. LOL...Love the playlist gift!! I definitely think deflecting your anger at Sam may be just the ticket to getting your frustrations out ;-).

  2. The playlist is a great idea! My trainer moved so I'm working on my own, but doing pretty well, just doing different series of the many exercises she wrote down for me, increasing my weight and cardio times. I lost three weeks to the cold from hell, so I'm pretty sore after Sunday's session.

  3. We are sure you are his favorite client!