Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lessons From Vacationing

I learned some valuable lessons about being healthy while vacationing. 

1) I learned a lot of cheap tea (like the kind they serve on a cruise ship) has soy. Took 4 days and I was rather ill before I figured out the cause. Who would have known! 

2) It is really hard to exercise on a moving boat in a typhoon - it may be dangerous. (But a great excuse to skip lunges). 

3) Asia is a really difficult place to travel and eat if you can't eat gluten or soy. White rice and fruit can make a meal. (This I suspected before!) Sorry F'in Alex, I ate more rice than you would like, but it needed to be done. 

4) Exercising is not as fun if you don't have someone to swear at.

5) Cruise staff really push the carbs and sugar and are insulted when you don't eat them so you say yes more than you should.

I am slowly getting back into the time zone and detoxing. Today I meet with F'in Alex for the first time since December 15th. In the short time I was away the gym I was going to closed, but F'in Alex moved to the gym across the street and kept my time slot (so no excuses - darn it!)


  1. Yeah, it is hard but ya just gotta do the best you can. Glad you are back. I will be interested in hearing your observations on that first workout again!


  2. How nice to have such an...ummm..."loyal?" trainer LOL! Good luck with your first session!!
    Welcome back!!