Thursday, 12 January 2017

New Year - New Gym

From the cruise ship gym
Tuesday marked my first day at my new gym.  As I mentioned, while I was away, the gym I was going to closed. F'in Alex found out like the day it was closing. He walked to the gym across the road and got himself a job there and started the next day.

The gym I had been going to was a very nice gym. It was a cross fit gym, little equipment, lovely change rooms etc. I have moved to a "normal" gym - an Anytime Fitness (which is apparently the biggest chain in North America right now). There are all kinds of scary machines (please don't make me go on those) and inside of a locker room they have 3 bathrooms with showers that aren't as nice. I also think it is going to cost a bit more because I have to pay for the monthly membership on top of the training time - I am apparently getting my contract today. (Also street parking went up so it is going to cost me $4 instead of $3 to park while I am there - guru).

I think if I was looking for a gym (just saying that makes me laugh), this would probably not be the one I would pick (total princess reasons), however, I am going to this gym because the idea of breaking in a new trainer is terrifying. I almost have this one where I want him, teehee! As F'in Alex said during the tour, "it is different but it has everything we need". He is mostly right, I don't think I needed an elliptical (that thing is weird!).

I am sure I will adjust and now that I am almost over my jet lag (I am sleeping more than 5 hours and not thinking it is time to get up at 3:20 am), it will help.

On the plus side - I didn't gain a pound on my trip. The average cruiser puts on 1-2 pounds per day. I also didn't lose any noticeable strength.


  1. Good job, carry on you gym rat! For some reason I love your expression. I can't help but think there's something else behind it. And I'm wondering why you chose the quote above??


  2. My trainer's fiance lost his job and they moved several hours away where he found new employment. I had a pretty good routine with her and am trying to continue on my own rather than break in a new trainer. There are days I kind of force myself to work out but I always feel so good afterwards. You did good on vacation - every time I go to Dad's I gain 2 pounds.