Thursday, 26 January 2017

Training Together - Day One

Tuesday marked the first day Sam and I trained with F'in Alex together.   How did it go, you ask?

It went fine. It really didn't change what I did. Only 2 things were different. I had to clean the bench or flip the mat because I refuse to lie in someone else's sweat (I don't care if that makes me a princess, it is gross). Sam was slightly distracting as he may have overdone it, and may have had to leave to go and throw up. I am still living my life goal of never throwing up at the gym.

Not only did Sam throw up, but he picked a weight that was too heavy (and F'in Alex asked him what he wanted instead of just telling him what he was doing) and he hurt his shoulder so badly he spent Wednesday in bed.  I told F'in Alex off after our session for not doing enough coaching, and I didn't know Sam was so hurt. I have told him off via email and will tell him off again tomorrow. Sam says it is his fault and I am not to yell at anyone, so I won't yell. I will just be annoyed. I actually think they are both to blame and I am feeling frustrated with them both. BOYS!

At any rate, Sam plans on joining us again. He is suppose to be with me about the time this goes live, but I doubt he will be able to this week. I think he may have to re-start next week. Hopefully both he and F'in Alex learned something and it will go better.

Sam clearly needs this - teehee
I really wish the shipping to Canada wasn't as much as the shirt, I would buy some!


  1. I so agree with the sweat thing! That is very gross! Not yelling? What about "alternative talking"?


  2. Ditto on the sweat thing. Working out at home is great - no one to stare, go at my own pace, but the dog tries to lick my face every time I do a side plank.