Thursday, 2 February 2017


Week 20 of 40 training with F'in Alex is done or will be done by 9 am this morning. I have made it very clear to him that I am "breaking up" with him on June 22nd. That is how I word it.  This does not mean that I will not be working out. It just means that we are going to build the gym we want in our house and I will train at home.

What I always wanted was the creation of a home program. Because I was completely clueless to exercise previously, I did need someone to teach me. I honestly feel that at this point I could run a program at home myself. I did ok on the ship. However, I will be in an even better position to train myself in another 20 weeks.

The reasons I want to move training to home are simple: it will be way cheaper (I don't want to sustain the expense indefinitely - I am not saying it hasn't been worth it, I just don't think it needs to continue) and far more flexible. In my work life it is hard to never be available until 10 am on Tuesday or Thursday morning.

I know there are many people who wouldn't have the discipline to train twice a week at home. I know I do. Once it is a rule I will do it.  The only thing I won't be doing is the evil pushups. I hate them too much to ever do them again. June 22nd will be the last day I ever do one!

Keeping in mind my goal has been strength - in 20 weeks (plus the 3 I was on vacation):

I have lost 14 lbs - one clothing size (I am fearful another one may be lost) and one bra size
Lost 2.5 inches at my hips
Lost 3.5 inches at my belly button
Had to squat into a chair and now am doing 3 sets of 15 squats with 30 lbs
Had to hold on to lunge and am now walk lunging with 8 lbs
Could do 0 push ups and now am doing 3 sets of like 12, 8 and 8
Could hold a plank for 37 seconds. My record is 3 minutes and I can regularly do several reps of about 2 minutes
Started my chest press weight at 5 lbs and now do 25 lbs
Started my standing row weight at 5 lbs and now do 30 lbs

In my daily life I notice lifting things is easier. I notice opening containers is easier. When I am not hurting too badly, I notice I feel better. My mind is clearer. I am handling stress better (and I have a lot of that). So for as much as I hate the process, the benefits are clear.

To another 20 weeks!

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  1. That's great progress. I have two different routines I do, just to mix it up,each taking 45 minutes to 90 minutes (the 90 includes a walk outside with hand weights). There's times I do not want to do it then I pull up my sleeve and look at my arm definition. I don't want to lose that. No flying squirrel arms ever again. Congratulations on your progress.