Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Gloves

The under layer
A co-worker who has had Raynaud's for years, said she found her Burton mitts to be the best. I thought if I was going to spend $100 on hand protections, gloves would be better for me and my life. I selected "arctic" as my climate and ordered Burton Baker two in one.

I have worn them about 3 weeks and here are my thoughts -

The good: 

  • It was easy to figure out the correct size on the website
  • They were shipped in a timely fashion

The glove

The not so good:

  • The fingers are extra long (and have been very stiff) and I find it impossible to pick up things with them, so I end up having to take them off a lot while out. 
  • They are not warm enough to stop me from having Raynaud's flair ups, even when it is only about -10C/14F. 

The verdict: While I will keep these gloves, I am likely going to have to explore heat packs to go with them to stop flare ups. Perhaps mittens would have been an better option.

1 comment:

  1. For the money you'd think they would have been warmer. The fingers do appear to be too large. Did you tell the company they weren't working for you? Maybe they can exchange them for something that might work better? I've used those hand warmer packs when running on really cold days. It takes a couple miles before any warm blood makes it to my hands. Although the packs did have a warmth to them I think their value wasn't that much (other than psychological). Mittens would be hard to use without a constant removing to manipulate things. What about using a glove liner inside the glove?