Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Training For Two

Sam and I have now trained together 5 times. Since his rocky start it has gone well. I admit I didn't love the exercises we did last week, but mostly that was because I had to do stupid machines because of my ankle. I kept breaking one of the machines and finally convinced F'in Alex he should just adjust it so I stopped breaking it. He did try and call me a princess for this, but I did point out that  I was sure I was paying him to do this, and that he couldn't argue with me about!

The biggest thing I have noticed with training for two is that I haven't been as sore after. I think this is for several reasons. First, we have done a lot of new things so I don't know what my max weight is for them and it can take a bit to figure out if something that feels really weird is heavy enough or not. For example, it took me two sets of the farmer walk with kettle bells to realize they needed to be heavier. Second, because I don't always have F'in Alex standing over me, I can get away with not doing as heavy (he doesn't notice things are a little light). I do tell him sometimes . . . . I am not being totally lazy, I did beat my personal best for pushups by 3 on Thursday and there is nothing I hate more than push ups. Third, we couldn't do everything 'normally' because of the ankle. This week will be the same because it just isn't getting better as fast as I would like.

My goal this week is to try and push myself a little more and not be a lazy gym goer. I am paying a lot of money to get stronger and only have 18 weeks left. Let's hope my cold is gone by today and my ankle is better to help with this!

Sam sent me this. I laughed - a lot!


  1. Ha! Ha! Sam should have bought that for you! Yes, it's easy to take advantage of not pushing ourselves harder. It's pretty natural! Hope you sort out that sweet spot and the ankle stays better!

    Happy Valentine's Day From Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I love that shirt. I was totally lazy this week and missed a workout but did do some cardio.

  3. Oh my, I didn't know you had a cold on top of your ankle...you really rocked last week!!!
    Hope everything feels better real soon!