Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Excuse Me - You Called Me What?

Last week we only trained with F'in Alex once, as Sam had a work commitment. To make up for this, I created a home session, which I did Friday morning, well before Sam rolled out of bed. On Sunday, Sam suggested we workout together. I presented him my home session (given we haven't got around to getting everything we need for the gym yet, we are limited to what I can do). Other than saying he wasn't going to plank for 1.5 minutes, he said it was good.

We went through the home session. When it was over, we had conversations such as:

Me: "Can you make sure there is enough water for me?" (as Sam was filling up the kettle)
Sam: "No, because you make me do bad things."

Me: "When I want to die during a workout now, I think about how I want to keep my lovely abs."
Sam: "When I think I want to die, I think about how I can take you with me for making me do horrible things."

Later, as he was climbing the stairs, no word of a lie he said "F'in K-10".  Sam swore more at me than he does at Alex.  I guess I designed a pretty good workout!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

When You Fear Isn't So Bad

One of my gym fears is dropping a weight on myself.  My fear was made worse when we moved to the chest press and that really big bar. I was less fearful (even though F'in Alex let me drop weight on myself twice) when it was just him and I because he more or less stood over my head to catch. Now with Sam at the gym, he isn't just standing there waiting to catch things I drop. He divides his time between the two of us. 

Last week, I was at the chest press. It was 55lbs. F'in Alex was standing across the gym watching Sam. I was on like rep 7 or 8 when suddenly instead of going up, the bar was coming down. It was coming down slowly, so I knew I was not in danger, but once the bar was down, I couldn't get it back up. I tried for a bit and then gave up and in my best Fozzie Bear voice (my favourite as a kid) said "Help, Alex, Help." He slowly wandered over laughing and lifted the bar up.

When it happened the second time, I didn't bother calling for help. I just waited for him to notice, laugh and help me.  He lowered the weight after the second time. I really was trying, I just couldn't physically do it and he knew it. 

I am not even mad at F'in Alex for laughing at me when I got stuck because I am generally not that nice to him, so he can have his moment of sunshine! Most importantly, I learned if I am going to drop the bar, I am likely not getting hurt. That was a very important lesson. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

One Food Out - One Back In

First I will start with a funny story. I was talking to a coworker about the gym and I said something about "Alex" - she had to stop and think who that was because she has only ever heard me call him F'in Alex.

Last week, on Tuesday I woke up with an upset stomach. Didn't think too much about it until the same thing happened Saturday morning. At that point I looked back at what I had eaten those days. Turns out, at the dinners before both I had Caesar salad. There must be something in the dressing that is upsetting my delicate system. I may try another type of Caesar dressing, but it may now be a forbidden food.

This week, for only the third time since I started training with F'in Alex (ok it could be the forth, I didn't specifically count it), I had pasta. Of course it is the gluten free pasta I ate pre-Alex as gluten remains a forbidden food. In general I get a spaghetti squash and use that instead but I forgot to get one at the grocery store. The last time I ate pasta, I had a headache the next day. I assumed it was because of that, as I rarely get headaches these days. This time, it was fine. While I don't plan on eating pasta often, it is nice to know my body can tolerate some. Maybe once every month or two I will indulge!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Purge

I didn't realize how exhausting it would be, but yesterday I cleaned out my closet. To do this, I basically took out every piece of clothing, tried it on (with a few exceptions of clothes I know I have worn very recently) and sorted them into 4 piles.

Pile 1 was garbage (why do I even have those clothes!)
Pile 2 was still ok donate.
Pile 3 was really good and my sister may want.
Pile 4: Keep

I took out more than a garbage bag full. It was a reminder that with the exception of too big pants (which I kept some of because I need to keep them until I can replace them) and a lack of short, I really have a lot of perfectly good clothes.

Spending all that time dressing and undressing, I gained a better appreciation for my new abs. I think I can learn to love them. Finally something physical I care about:)

Funny story from the gym:

After explaining to F'in Alex that I had made a martini that was basically just 3 oz of booze with a splash of nut milk he respond:  "I am proud of you for not having the extra sugar."  Yep, my trainer told me it was ok to do sugar free shooters.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


That is the new size of pants I need to buy, my size 6s are getting too baggy. Many of my tops are starting to hang too lose, although they are more forgiving and less traumatic. 

On Saturday I tried on a pair of size 4 pants as I was too early to the movies so went to a store nearby. They fit (only not purchased as they were dry clean only - I am not having pants I can't wash). I stood in shock in the change room. I have never been a size 4 in my adult life. I never aspired to be. There I was not sure what to do. Sam is not very supportive of my "stress" related to this, so I texted my bestie. Her reply: 

"I think I hate you a little." (I hate me too, so I don't blame her for that)
"Take deep breaths. The size is a reflection of how fit you are. Nothing more." (This is why she is my bestie).

I haven't lost weight - I am maintaining between 142-145 lbs. The 2 spots I have been measuring haven't lost inches, but clearly the fat has slipped away. So pant shopping begins. I am only going to get a few pairs as who knows how long I will be/will stay a size 4. 

In other news, today is 180 days since I had my first training session with F'in Alex. My body has done a one eighty, now I just need my mind to catch up:)

Thursday, 2 March 2017

What Could Be In It?

I like to use different coloured pens. I am always rotating them as I find it helps me find things in my notebook. Last week, somehow I got ink, in a perfect circle on my sweater that leaked onto my brand new white bra. As you can imagine I was thrilled to have a huge bright green dot of ink on it. Bras are so expensive and I only needed several new ones because training has made me shrink.

Instead of losing my mind and throwing my bra out - I Googled how to get an ink stain out.
I tried rubbing alcohol, which got out a little but also made it run a little.
Milk and lemon juice - did nothing
Salt - did nothing

I finally decided to bleach it. I put bleach directly on it and let it sit. Then I washed it with some other things that needed to be bleached.

While it has faded, the ink spot is clearly still there. It makes me wonder, what the heck is in this ink that bleach can't take out.

Maybe I should get new pens . . . . .