Tuesday, 7 March 2017


That is the new size of pants I need to buy, my size 6s are getting too baggy. Many of my tops are starting to hang too lose, although they are more forgiving and less traumatic. 

On Saturday I tried on a pair of size 4 pants as I was too early to the movies so went to a store nearby. They fit (only not purchased as they were dry clean only - I am not having pants I can't wash). I stood in shock in the change room. I have never been a size 4 in my adult life. I never aspired to be. There I was not sure what to do. Sam is not very supportive of my "stress" related to this, so I texted my bestie. Her reply: 

"I think I hate you a little." (I hate me too, so I don't blame her for that)
"Take deep breaths. The size is a reflection of how fit you are. Nothing more." (This is why she is my bestie).

I haven't lost weight - I am maintaining between 142-145 lbs. The 2 spots I have been measuring haven't lost inches, but clearly the fat has slipped away. So pant shopping begins. I am only going to get a few pairs as who knows how long I will be/will stay a size 4. 

In other news, today is 180 days since I had my first training session with F'in Alex. My body has done a one eighty, now I just need my mind to catch up:)


  1. A part of me might hate you a little too...but the other part says GO K-10!!
    Happy shopping!!!

  2. That is so good. I've never been a size four in my life. You're right about the weight though, my weight only went down by 15 pounds when I started working with a trainer but I lost two pants sizes.

    Muscle is awesome.