Thursday, 23 March 2017

When You Fear Isn't So Bad

One of my gym fears is dropping a weight on myself.  My fear was made worse when we moved to the chest press and that really big bar. I was less fearful (even though F'in Alex let me drop weight on myself twice) when it was just him and I because he more or less stood over my head to catch. Now with Sam at the gym, he isn't just standing there waiting to catch things I drop. He divides his time between the two of us. 

Last week, I was at the chest press. It was 55lbs. F'in Alex was standing across the gym watching Sam. I was on like rep 7 or 8 when suddenly instead of going up, the bar was coming down. It was coming down slowly, so I knew I was not in danger, but once the bar was down, I couldn't get it back up. I tried for a bit and then gave up and in my best Fozzie Bear voice (my favourite as a kid) said "Help, Alex, Help." He slowly wandered over laughing and lifted the bar up.

When it happened the second time, I didn't bother calling for help. I just waited for him to notice, laugh and help me.  He lowered the weight after the second time. I really was trying, I just couldn't physically do it and he knew it. 

I am not even mad at F'in Alex for laughing at me when I got stuck because I am generally not that nice to him, so he can have his moment of sunshine! Most importantly, I learned if I am going to drop the bar, I am likely not getting hurt. That was a very important lesson. 

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  1. And now you don't have to have that fear! Yay for pumping iron!