Thursday, 6 April 2017


I had my suspicions for some time that F'in Alex was easier on Sam than he is on me. Finally, last week I called him on it. At first he tried to deny it, but I think he realized he was dealing with a behaviour analyst who had been analyzing his behaviour for some time (we actually discussed that later in the week, when I refused to do a final rep because he was being a jerk, and as he pointed out, I needed to remind him who was in charge). When I wouldn't let him BS me, he admitted he is nicer to Sam because Sam has all kinds of injuries and he doesn't want to hurt him (I didn't point out it was kind of too late because he had already done that) and he wants him to keep coming back. 

We can choses to believe him or we can go with the following opinions:
-brother-in-law - in our text discussion he sent #boysclub
-friends/coworkers - he is tougher on me because he knows I can handle it or perhaps likes me telling him off.
-Sam - maybe if I was nicer, he would be nicer.

When I saw the above quote, I thought - that is perfect for this situation. F'in Alex may think I am complaining/whining/bitching etc. etc. If he only knew half of what I was thinking he would probably faint!


  1. He is trying to show you that you are so much tougher than you ever thought!