Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Pants Problem

This being fit has caused no end of pants problems. (I know, cry me a river). First, I needed all new pants not once, but twice. Ok, the second time I didn't need all new pants, a couple of the size 6 still fit, but most did not. Fortunately it was my very favourite pairs that still fit.

Then there have been several problems with finding appropriate size 4 pants.

First, I am abut 5'7 - I have a 32 inch inseam. Many styles of size 4 don't come in this longer inseam. I guess it is usually petite ladies who fit size 4. This is made worse by the fact that apparently short pants are in. I personally think they are completely impractical for a Canadian gal where there are so few days you can get away with showing your ankles without getting frostbite. Also this style of pants is going to cause the need for new shoes and I really dislike shoes in general . . . .

My other issue with them is that the colours I want (grey and brown) are apparently not in this season, so I am having to do without them. Perhaps in the fall I will have better luck.

I wonder what problems I am going to have with size 4 shorts, I haven't even started that search yet and eventually the snow will melt and I will need to!


  1. Size 4?? Cannot relate at all!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. What is this size 4 you speak of????

    But I understand the pant length. I am tall, 5 foot 8, but my torso is long, and my legs, though nicely shaped are short. My wonderful big brother used to call me "hamster legs" (not in a mean way, he was truly my best friend growing up and I gave it right back to him).

    I have to get petite pants unless I want to hem each and every pair.

  3. I have shorter legs. I'm 5'6 the trouble for me on pants is the hips. If I get them over my hips and then the waist is to large.
    But I have more of issue with the boobs, big boobs small shoulder.
    Coffee is on