Friday, 14 April 2017

The Traps That Save

Recently I started having really bad headaches on some training days. Then, a couple weeks ago I started having pain that radiated into my neck and caused vertigo and blinding headaches. The first time the vertigo happened I didn't think much  of it, I thought maybe virus, hormones etc. But the second time I realized it must be training. I emailed F'in Alex and said, I think we have a problem.

We took it easy on Tuesday, but by the end, I think just because it was already bothered, I had some neck pain. By Thursday, the neck pain was gone, but I had pain in my traps. After poking it and kind of aggravating it, F'in Alex came to the same conclusion I did - Blacklist item one, the Lat Pull Down is aggravating my traps which is causing the pain. I think this aggravated my trap on the right because of my scoliosis. As a general rule for safety, I can't do weights over my head because of it and the lat pull down is sort of like weights over my head.

I told F'in Alex I was going to try and pretend I was disappointed that I couldn't use that machine. I always said when I used it, it didn't feel good and not in the way other things I don't like feel with the "good pain" (someday someone will convince me that good pain exists, I haven't bought into that yet but I do feel the difference between injury and 'good pain;). Now F'in Alex is on a quest to find other exercises that work the same muscles but don't cause this issue. I am sure the black list will grow:)


  1. F'n Alex is nothing, if not creative, and I bet he finds a way.... ;-)

  2. Sorry about those headache.
    Coffee is on

  3. It's a learning process! Hope those traps feel better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley